I’ve grown accustomed to her style

When Kirstie Alley split from her husband Richard Parker, Tricky Dicky added up his sums and realised he needed a lot to make ends meet

Parker and Alley found here

“Our lifestyle became lavish around the time Kirstie obtained her Cheers series in 1987. Money was no object throughout our marriage. Respondent and I maintained 13 vehicles. We enjoyed private tennis lessons, personal trainers and almost nightly masseuses.

Moose Masseuse found here

We travelled in private jets or chartered the luxury bus used by the Prime Minister of Canada on his campaign tours. When we flew to New York we would generally go directly from the airport to the FAO Schwartz store, which opened after hours exclusively for us. We enjoyed lavish frequent shopping sprees wherever we travelled.

more FAO Schwarz images here

Our holiday accommodations were extremely luxurious. By way of example, when in Italy we rented a villa in Florence and also a villa adjacent to Lake Garda, with a complete staff including caretaker, cook, chauffeur, bodyguards and nannies. When we travelled to Florida we recarpeted, refurnished and relandscaped the houses we leased, even on a short term basis, and usually leased two fully staffed adjacent properties at a time. 

villa on Lake Garda found here

When it came to our children, no expense was spared. In addition to giving our daughter Lillie a life size baby giraffe rocking horse, at a cost of $10,000, we also built our son, True, a down-scaled exact replica of a working lobster boat. Kirstie and I were famous for our parties which included petting zoos, camels, chimps and performers. Formal dining tables would be set up on the property for the children, including formal crystal place settings

image found here

At Halloween we hired a 150 piece marching band and six cavalrymen on horseback shooting blanks to commence the activities. One time we flew in a special puppeteer that we had seen and admired in New York’s Central Park. We flew “Santa Claus to the Stars” (the same one the White House uses) to our property each year and generally spent up to $40,000 on Christmas gifts.

image found here

I now desire to maintain a lifestyle commensurate to that which Kirstie and I had enjoyed during our marriage and am requesting sufficient support to accomplish same…….

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  1. Er… and who, exactly, did he think owed him this money?

    • Kirstie and tetherdcow.com 🙂

  2. I trust that the judge responded by telling him to rearrange the following words into a well known phrase or saying:


  3. Should I laugh or should I cry?
    I think I choose laughing, and standing in awe for the man’s chuzpe.

  4. Pitiful excuse for a man.

  5. I, too, would like to maintain a lifestyle commensurate to this couple. I believe I have as much claim to demand to be supported as he does. After all, I watched her show. That means I had a hand in her making that money. 🙂

    • We should all be collecting 1%

  6. Gobsmacked – just gobsmacked …

  7. Don’t know what appalls me more – that lifestyle or his sense of entitlement.
    (And, yes, I receive support but not enough to live on.)

    • One of my happiest days was when I no longer required child support from my ex husband. It felt really exciting to be finally fully supporting myself

  8. I never hear of this guy, but I feel very sorry for him and the lifestyle he lost.

  9. I’m sure they made two lawyers very happy.

  10. How is this even possible? Doesn’t it seem just like throwing your money every whichaway to see where it lands?

  11. I’m not sure who deserves a lifestyle like this…but good for them that they achieved it. I guess this demand is no different to many a rich persons divorce…it’s just that usually it’s the woman who is making the claim. Bet the lawyers ended up with the best lifestyle of all of them

  12. California law requires a 50-50 settlement in divorce cases – she tried to get divorced elsewhere to avoid paying up….and lost, to the tune (allegedly) of $6million. Now had HE tried the same move, to avoid paying, then he would deffo have been a sleazeball. In this case? I say: sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander…….

  13. off to talk to my therapist. my parents never got me a lobster boat, or a giraffe. bastards. no wonder i’m a mess…

    • I’m with you Daisy. Clearly the deprivation of my youth is responsible for so much!

  14. Most states USA property divided 50/50 despite which party generated the wealth. No one should be denied the benefits of the wealth they have made but to live so ostentatiously – well such people deserve a special place in hell, Yet millions in the world starve. You may rest assured that God and I will have a very heated discussion about this unjust and most serious imperfection in His creation at the appointed time.

    • It’s the ostentation that appalls me too

  15. Richard Parker is better known as Parker Stevenson one of the Hardy Boy’s actors of the 70’s/80’s

    • Yes, I saw that he was an actor too

  16. Ugh. Conspicuous consumption. How ghastly and grotesque. “And we gave millions to charities” wasn’t mentioned at all I bet.

    • Perhaps in the fine print under tax write offs

  17. Sometimes you want to go…
    where everybody spends Kirstie’s dough…

    • *LIKE*

      • *LOVE*

  18. Now I know why Jennifer Aniston dumped me just before she hit the big time.

  19. Amazing! I had to find out more. That smoking gun link has lots of stuff to make you shake your head. They actually went to a Scientologist to help them reach a settlement. Anyway, he settled for a one-time payout of $6Million.

    • They went to a Scientologist? I bet that didn’t cost them anything.

    • Which, by coincidence, is the amount it costs to become an Operating Thetan….

      • I’m never letting a Thetan operate on me

  20. Money grubbing is the American way, especially if you’re the poorer spouse to a famous spouse…

  21. when you suddenly have so much of money and no control over it, you do these things. well, at least they’ve seen and enjoyed a good life for a bit.

    • I can’t imagine wanting 13 cars or crystal dining sets for children. I will however, say YES to the nightly massage

  22. It’s probably not wise to smoke in a highly flammable Santa suit.

    • I’m going to go out on a limb here and say it’s probably not wise to smoke at all 😉

  23. All that, and Kirstie too! Lucky bastard!

  24. Only $40,000 dollars on Christmas gifts? Mean bastards.

  25. God, I love a good massage. It’s the only time I can get another woman to put her hands on me and not have it result in divorce proceedings. What a strange career choice, though.

    True is a stupid name for a kid. What’s wrong with famous people? The worst of the worst is Will and Jada Pinket Smith. Will named his daughter Willo and Jada named her son Jaden. What a couple of nauseating egomaniacs.

    I’m sorry…what were we talking about?

  26. What a cretin

  27. The phrase “morally bankrupt” comes to mind. I hope he is fiscally bankrupt today. Such wasteful living is insulting to the resources they consumed and to the people around them who don’t consume so much.

  28. It cracks me up when overpayed celebs mourn their lost jets, or the need to sell a couple vintage cars. Didn’t they grow up normally at one time, and don’t they get that everyone will laugh at them and hate them when they start that whining? That guy needs a big dose of guilt. I’ll call my mother.

  29. I think the moose masseuse on the girl’s shoulder is waaay too adorable.

  30. not sure what happened to him, but surely kirstie’s gotten what she deserves. oh the humanity!

  31. I would have settled for the villa in Florence and the place at Lake Garda – both on a permanent basis.

    • Greedy! You may only have one. I’ll take the Lake Garda property off your hands.

  32. I love how he name drops the “Prime Minister of Canada” when referring to their luxury bus. Like that’s going to make their lifestyle seem more upscale…

  33. You missed his two other claims to fame. He played Frank Hardy of the Hardy Boys TV show. He was part of the original Baywatch cast.
    BTW Did you know that the original Hardy boys series was written by a Canadian ?

    • It is another great post. 🙂 As a Canadian, he owes me money for that government bus he rented.

  34. i dont blame her for making money but these people get on my wire the way they waste it on rubbish id make sure i lived well until death but not buy meaningless trash xjen

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