sexual relationships shall remain spontaneous

Myles Spires Jr. sounds like a hard man to please. In 1991, his lawyer drew up this contract for Mrs Spires to sign…..

NOT this Myles (Miles Davis found here)

1. Wife shall in no case obtain money from bank accounts of house emergency funds without express permission of the husband

German emergency money found here

2. Wife shall in no case divulge information which concerns marital difficulties, job status or financial information to anyone outside the marriage.

3. Wife shall in no wise attempt to influence status/intensity of relationships that husband has with other individuals outside the marriage.

image found here

4. In public, wife shall in no wise dispute husband on any matters. Matters of dispute should be handled in privacy and with due respect i.e. no profanity or badgering.

5. Wife shall conduct herself in accordance with all scriptures in the holy bible applicable to marital relationships germane to wives and in accordance with husband’s specific requests. Wife shall consult husband as to the applicability of the scriptures.

image found here

6. Wife’s sexual relationships shall remain spontaneous and solely with husband.

It comes as no surprise that Mr Spires, the bishop of an Internet church, and his wife subsequently divorced. He also has a conviction for misconduct while holding the office of mayor. I wonder if the private investigator he paid with misappropriated funds was checking for inapplicable badgering of scriptures…..

baby badgers found here

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  1. Yikes. Total dark ages.

    The women in Game of Thrones have more rights.

    • Ooh Game of thrones! I love that series

  2. Sounds like a great guy to be married to. What was his wife thinking? To loose such a treasure? Tsk. Tsk.

    • Some women are impossible to please

  3. Sex must be spontaneous. What an contradiction in terms.

    • At least he’s not demanding spontaneous combustion

  4. I’m surprised she didn’t bean him on the spot, or stab him with the pen he proffered for the signing. An example of “quit while you’re ahead” perhaps: wasn’t it enough that she said “I do”?

  5. I totally understand why the marriage wasn’t of the ’till death do us part’ variety.

    • She’s lucky she got out alive

  6. Wife shall consult husband as to the applicability of the scriptures.

    Damn’t woman you are doing it wrong!! Oh boy I can see that one being used for his own good.

    • I can see where you’re heading bearman

  7. I would totally be in for a badgering if it involved those cuties in the last pic!

    • I hear badgers are notoriously bad tempered

  8. Sounds like a sensible arrangement. One must, after all, follow the scriptures. He was obviously planning for multiple wives as is allowed in those scriptures. Badgering from more than one wife could easily become aggravating! My heart goes out to this misunderstood and persecuted fellow. Why would a wife want to leave such a perfect relationship?

  9. I have never seen baby badgers before. They look like they’d fit on a submarine sandwich roll. Mmmmm.

  10. I’m not surprised that they divorced – what I’m surprised by is that she even married him in the first place.

    I’m still trying to work out exactly what #3 means.

    • I am thinking he can cheat with whomever, whenever, however he wants and she can not say crap.

  11. Just imagine how embarrassed everyone who voted for this guy for mayor must have felt when this document came out.

    • you get what you vote for…..

  12. haha, it’s not often u see this sexist letter nowadays but at least he knew what he wanted and didn’t get it, what a shame… close call for the wife to be though…

    • I think they were already married when the document was drawn up

  13. This tale was a jaw-dropper. That has to have been one of the worst (and most ridiculous) pre-nups ever. What an egotistical and deluded misogynist.
    I Goggled the case – was relieved to see the courts held the “agreement” unenforceable in the divorce proceedings.

    • a case where the law was not as ass

  14. she signed that contract? she gets what she deserves…

  15. “Wife shall in no wise attempt to influence status/intensity of relationships that husband has with other individuals outside the marriage.” No change there then, that’s what husbands still insist on – while the good woman has eyes only for hubby of course.

    As you say, hardly surprising they got divorced. Though I hope that was her initiative and not his….

  16. The baby badgers are delicious…but they’re buggers when they grow up! I’m going to impose those rules at home and see what happens…been nice knowing you :-)!

  17. husband seems like he’s from the al qaeda.
    btw, that’s a beautiful photograph of Diana.

    • I adore that photo, she looks so in love

  18. I never had much faith in the ‘Diana Charles’ thang … just sayin’ …

  19. But I notice there’s no clause that specifically states that the wife can’t kill him. I hope she takes advantage of that.

    • I think she just settled for divorce

  20. And she signed that thing?

  21. Most of those fundamentalist church types are dodge – grappling with their “demons” (unsuccessfully, usually) while placing impossible restrictions on their kin and flock – creeps

  22. Are you sure this wasn’t 1891?

  23. Miles Davis was a son of a bitch, otherworldly talent notwithstanding. And he grew up fairly well off. He family had some money. He never really struggled. Always played the victim, though. Got a pass because he was a pretty good horn player. If he had been an accountant, he would have died alone.

    • Really? Oh well, I still love his music.

      • That goes without saying! Record Kind of Blue and the whole personality issue is out the window.

  24. It’s funny how those who are the most holier-than-thou, fall so hard to the ground that they leave a three foot impression in the dirt.

  25. Pretty much boilerplate, isn’t it?

  26. I’m shocked — shocked — these two crazy kids couldn’t make it work.

  27. Crummy gig being a wife in those days!

  28. Badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger

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