frog covering for boner

the pelvic bone of a frog was once believed to be a magical charm. In The Golden Bough, J G Frazer writes


“Catch a frog on St George’s Day, wrap it in white linen and put it on an anthill for ants to eat its flesh. All that will be left is two small bones, one shaped like a hook and the other like a shovel. Take the hook shaped bone to the girl of your choice, hook it into her dress and she will fall head over heels in love with you. Afterwards, if you tire of her, touch her with the shovel shaped bone and her affection will vanish.”


Eastern Counties Magazine (1901) tells of Tilly Baldry whose skills included a magic spell to make her adulterous husband walk home backwards 16 miles from his mistress’ house and the ability to stop milk turning to butter. This is how she did it:

“you ketch a hopping toad and carry it in your bosom until it’s rotted away to the backbone. Hold the bone over running water at midnight until the Devil comes and makes you a witch. You kin then dew all manner of badness to people and hev power over ’em.”

For those of you who prefer to play around with images rather than ketching and carrying rotting amphibians, here’s a tutorial on how to create a robotic frog instead


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foot licking

In the 1890s Dr Hocken, a New Zealand doctor watched a fire walking demonstration in Polynesia. He then made a thorough examination of the native walkers’ feet, even licking them all over with his tongue to ensure they were free of foreign protective substances. 


There is a scientific explanation for safe firewalking. In fact it has become so popular that some companies even use it as a team building exercise.

It was meant to develop leadership skills, but the fire-walking exercise for 30 managers of the KFC fast food chicken restaurant chain was too hot to bear.

Among 20 taken to Hunter Valley hospitals for treatment to a range of burns to their feet was Roger Eaton, the CEO for Tricon Restaurants Australia, which owns the Australian franchise rights to KFC.


image by Lawrence Edwards found here

The hilarious Bearskin Rug has some advice for anyone unlucky enough to have a foot just “drop off”

“It’s important that you all remember — I’m NOT a medical doctor. The information I give on this site is not always as up-to-date as I’d like. Feet are a usually quite dirty, and if your foot does fall off, make sure you’re wearing rubber gloves before you lick the foot.

Oh! On your tongue — your tongue. It wouldn’t do any good on your hands, silly! Well.. actually it couldn’t hurt…

You know what? Wear one on the foot, too.”

You’ll need to go to his website to view the accompanying cartoon.  spend some time checking out his other work – it’s well worth the visit.


this image and the top one were created by Bela Borsodi

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corset friday 6.3.2009

the bronze shell I am wearing around my neck was made by my artist friend Tracey as a gift for one of my birthdays. I’ve had so many birthdays I can’t remember which one this was for. She cast it from a shell I found at La Perouse beach in Sydney back in the 80s…..

shell-003 shell-006 shell-007

You can see two shells that are very similar to my original over at sylvied’s. Look at the two peachy coloured shells in the bottom right hand photo 

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how to earn a pearl necklace

Sadhu Haridas was a 19th century yogi who claimed to be able to put himself into a state of suspended animation for up to four months. This assertion was tested in front of a skeptical Maharaja, several English doctors and French and English military personnel. 


According to a lengthy account in the Calcutta Medical Times in 1835, Haridas cut away the the muscles under his tongue so that it could be doubled back to seal off the nasal passages at the back of the throat. For several days before his internment he consumed only milk and yoghurt then fasted completely. He closed his nose and ears with wax, rolled his tongue back, settled into a cross-legged position and stopped his pulse.


leg positions by Eric Stanton

He was then wrapped in linen, placed in a padlocked chest and buried. Barley was sown in the earth above his tomb and a wall was built around it and guarded around the clock. Forty days later…..

“On the fortieth day, when the chest containing the Fakir was dug up and opened, the man was found cold and stark in precisely the same condition as that in which he had been left. With much trouble he was restored to life by means of heat applied to the head, afflation in the ears and mouth, rubbing the body, etc.”


In 1837 the experiment was repeated at the court of Runjeet Singh. One of the many witnesses was Sir Claude Wade who wrote this account of how the body was brought back to a state of animation.

“The servant commenced bathing him with hot water, and gradually relaxing his arms and legs from the rigid state in which they were contracted and placed a hot wheaten cake, about an inch thick, on the top of the head. 

He pulled out of his nostrils and ears the wax and cotton with which they had been stopped, and after great exertion opened [Haridas’] mouth by inserting the point of a knife between his teeth, and while holding his jaw open with his left hand drew the tongue forward with his right, in the course of which the tongue flow back several times to its curved position upward, in which it had originally been, so as to close the gullet.

The servant then put some ghee on his tongue and made him swallow it. A few minutes afterward the eyeballs became dilated, and recovered their natural color, when the Fakir recognized Runjeet Singh sitting close to him, and articulated in a low sepulchral tone, “Do you believe me now?” Runjeet Singh replied in the affirmative, and invested the Fakir with a pearl necklace and a superb pair of gold bracelets.”


image found here

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great balls of fire


remember when we talked about spontaneous human combustion? I love an unexplained mystery as much as the next person


this is all that was left of Dr Bentley who died in 1966.  When Mary Reeser of Florida perished in 1951 supposedly all that was left behind was her shrunken skull though a pile of papers nearby was completely unscorched. The newspaper that reported her death was inundated with theories from the public: suicide by petrol, ignition of methane gas in her body, murder by flame-thrower, atomic pills, magnesium, phosphorous, napalm, balls of fire…..


Twenty five cases of supposed SHC were investigated by J L Casper in his Handbook of the Practice of Forensic Medicine. Of these he found 20 happened in France, 2 in England, 1 In Italy, 1 in Germany and 1 in America. 

“Moreover, it must be remembered, as an incontrovertible fact, that the mass of the French people are more credulous than the Germans and this helps to explain why France has been the birthplace of  “spontaneous combustion” of which it is hoped we will hear no more.”


Some theorists speculate that ball lightning may be to blame – the same stuff that’s said to be the cause of many purported sightings of flying saucers. An offbeat explanation was advanced by Livingston Gearhart, in an article for Pursuit magazine. Using data collected by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on readings of the Earth’s magnetic-field strength, Gearhart found six cases of SHC that he could correlate to a time of sharp increase in the Earth’s magnetic intensity.


Not  Mr Gearhart

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do you swallow or spit?

people put lots of things in their mouths. Most of the time it’s food, or oral hygiene related products but sometimes it’s something less expected.

X-Ray Technician School has a list of the 25 weirdest things eaten by a human.

A woman swallowed her lover’s false teeth while kissing. The woman says that they were experimenting with a “special type of passionate kiss.”

A woman in Israel had a cockroach jump into her mouth as she was cleaning her home. In an effort to remove the pest, she used a fork, which she accidentally swallowed along with the cockroach.


A prisoner who has being held in a cell with wire mesh walls attempted to eat his way out of jail. The man would twist off pieces of the wire mesh and hide the pieces by swallowing them.

The Great Waldo, also known as the Reguritating Geek, didn’t actually eat items, he swallowed then regurgitated. 


“In the image above, Waldo is performing his signature regurgitation, swallowing a white mouse and then bringing it back up alive and unharmed after a few moments. In the middle image, Waldo is puffing on a cigarette and smiling at your disgust before regurgitating the mouse.”

The Children’s Hospital has an online collection of items swallowed and subsequently removed by doctors between 1918 and 1962. You can see 20 of them here. The puppy pin is my favourite, I also like the name of the doctor who was removing pins in the 1950s…..

sewpin dog

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Y therapy


Most of us have heard of graphology where ‘experts’ attempt to analyse people by their handwriting. Graphonomy is a more scientific approach with research being conducted to ascertain whether or not handwriting can reveal things about the state of a patient’s health.


Niraj Mancchanda practises something else called graphotherapy

“Lots of marriages in the world survive only because of good sex between couples. “I have changed the handwriting of many couple clients whenever I see one of them has lost interest in sex“. The change of handwriting is known as “graphotherapy”.

Niraj can tell a lot about your sex life just by the way you write the letter “y”



  1. Believes in healthy sex.
  2. Believes in having sex with one person at one time. 
  3. Likes to have sex only when feel like. Will not care for partners need.
  4. Does not even masturbate. Has removed sexual urges from their life.
  5. Wants sex but has stopped for some reason.
  6. Has stopped their sexual desires. Restricted themselves to a limit.
  7. Has desires for healthy sex but will stop at the last moment. 
  8. Avoids sex totally. Disinterested in sex. 
  9. Has great sexual desires and will take full initiative to fulfill it.
  10. Open to any kind of sexual activities. A person inquisitive to try all.
  11. Very fussy about what they want from their partner while having sex.
  12. Very selective of whom to have sex with.
  13. Has stopped all sexual urges & diverted their mind to fitness or sports.
  14. If this stroke is once in the handwriting then it means fetishes. But if it is repeated in a person’s handwriting then it means the person is a gay or lesbian.
  15. 100% gay or lesbian.
  16. Irresponsible. Will not care if other person is hurt while having sex.
  17. Twisted attitude towards sex. Attracted towards their own sex.
  18. Sexually frustrated.
  19. Despondency towards sex.


I like it written like this

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gibble fisted

there are several theories as to why most of us are right handed, some are left handed and others are mixed handed which is not the same as being ambidextrous. I thought I was a definite right hander until I took the Edinburgh Handedness Test and noticed I’m left handed when it comes to opening boxes and lids.


and then I remembered something else. when it comes to playing with a penis I am ambidextrous with a slight preference for using my left hand.

New Scientist published a study indicating that lefties are more inhibited.  They also like to colour code things and write lists. I wonder if Rassles is a lefty…..

Neuropsychologist Chris McManus has been researching handedness for decades. He is one of the few scientists to achieve the rather bizarre accomplishment of receiving an Aventis Prize for Science Books and the infamous Ig Noble Prize from Harvard University, both in the same year. the Ig Noble was for a paper about the asymmetry of testicles.

“In most men the right testicle is higher (62.1% or 65.1% according to which survey one cites) and larger than the left, but few are aware that the average weights are 9.95g and 9.36g respectively and 9.69 and 9.10ccs in volume.”

Centuries ago it was believed that male seed came from the right testis and female from the left.

 Long after it was influencing how Greek sculptors saw the male body, men were being given extremely uncomfortable-sounding advice on conception. “As late as 1891, Mrs Ida Ellis in her Essentials of Conception  stated: ‘It is the male who can progenate a male or a female child at will, by putting an elastic band round the testicle not required’.”


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disco t shirt friday

T shirt Friday seemed to come around very quickly this month. Is anyone else playing along?

disco-001 disco-002 disco-005

and here are the players…..

Cheek of God


70s teen



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how to cure your brain fag


nursemyra has been investigating orificial surgery i.e. surgery to enlarge the anus – which was popular in the 19th century. It was believed that pressure from within the rectum interfered with the devlopment of adolescents.

“No matter what a person was suffering from, if he or she went to an orificial physician , the diagnosis was always the same: tight sphincters requiring dilation.

the distinctly kinky obsession with the rectum (loosening those tight anal sphincters) does not seem all that way out when it is remembered that Abraham Wolbarst was the proud inventor of a kind of electric dildo, to be inserted into the anus with a view to massaging the prostate.”


so let’s have a look at these one of these nasal/vaginal/ penile/ anal probes, the Master Violet Ray

“All Orificial electrodes must be lubricated before insertion.  For the sake of safety there should be two people in Orificial work, the patient and the operator.  The current should be turned on after inserting the electrode into the orifice and turned off before removing the electrode.  Orificial treatments are never painful.  The electrode should be moved slightly to avoid sticking to mucous membrane.” 


If you scroll down to near the bottom of the linked page you can see the many ailments a Master Violet Ray could cure such as brain fag, constipation, dandruff, freckles, anal fissures, gleets, grey hair, impotence, orchitis, parotitis and writer’s cramp.


Testicle cookbook found here

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