Merry Xmas

Happy holidays to all readers of the Gimcrack and I hope each and every one of you have a fabulous 2012. If you don’t see comments from me on your latest blog posts please check your spam file, wordpress seems to be sending them there.

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If…. the name of the game

Queenwilly and I have been asking each other questions from “If … The Game of Life”. If you want to play along then leave your answers in the comments…..

If you could have chosen your own first name, what would it be?

image from xkcd

My real first name is Gaelic and it has a lot of consonants in it. I was forever having to spell it out for people when I was a child and by the time I was twelve, I’d shortened it by several letters to one that’s similar to my blog name. Growing up, I’d always wanted something simple and tomboyish like Billie or Rylie.

Billie Holiday

Queenwilly wanted to be called Violet. What name would you choose?

read about Violet Jessup here

If you were to have one famous person from history stranded with you on a desert island forever, who would it be?

The question prior to this was “if you were to be stranded on a desert island with one platonic friend only, who would it be?” So we have already discussed the merits of choosing someone capable of building a temporary shelter and a boat to get us off the island. When you choose your famous person, remember you are stranded with them forever…..


I chose Oscar Wilde because I want someone who will make me laugh. Queenwilly chose Charles Babbage. Who would you choose?


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your mother’s tongue

I don’t generally do memes though I succumbed once* before so that proves I can be persuaded every six months. the woeful librarian has tagged me to open a book at page 123 and post the 6th, 7th and 8th sentences. the book I have chosen is Your Mother’s Tongue – a Book of European  Invective (we love our invectives at the Gimcrack)

“In Portugal, one way of saying ‘a likely story’ is to recite the little rhyme

Bonito, bonito, sao os colhones a bater no pito (Beautiful, beautiful, the balls banging against a cunt).


These expressions manifest an awareness, arrived at with some reluctance, that although the most important thing in the whole world is what a man has between his legs, it helps if he has something else between his ears. Even if it’s just a little one.”


I’m supposed to tag five people but I can’t bring myself to do so. if you’d like to participate in this meme, consider yourself tagged.

* well whaddya know, apparently I’ve done two memes in the past.

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how to win an argument

Plooptionary has asked nursemyra to disclose her strategies for winning arguments. of course, as a medical professional I am always right therefore have no need to argue.

however, occasions do arise at the Gimcrack where nursemyra likes to provoke a passionate response so I do have a tip or two for persuading others to agree with your demands.

1.  argueing attire should hint at the delights awaiting those who bend to your wishes. a uniform that fastens up the front is ideal as a proven mathematical equation states that if you leave 4 out of 12 buttons undone your chances of success increase by 88%

2.  always wear a corset and fishnet stockings when issuing your orders presenting your case. obviously, we women are always in the right but our position is strengthened by appropriate attire

3. display the relevant instruments. nursemyra has a cache of these in her top drawer. sometimes it is necessary to leave the ball crusher, the speculum or the tongue forceps exposed on top of the desk but an experienced persuader never needs to actually utilise these tools

4. stockpile appropriate medication. ensure all drugs are adequately labelled. always remember the uppers red ones are for the winner  medical professional and the downers blue ones are for the vanquished patient.

5. the use of alcohol is permitted when emphasising a point. a good strategy is to let your patient think acquiesence will result in increased access to alcohol. when measured doses are mixed with the appropriate medication (see 3. above) your arguments will appear much stronger and more cohesive.

of course this procedure is mainly relevant to medical professionals but the female layperson is advised to introduce steps 1 and 2 whenever an argument needs bolstering.


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aural examination

so nursemyra’s been tagged by Harry McFry who thinks her choice of music might reveal what goes on in her evil mind. he’s restricted me to seven choices so you won’t find out too much….

when assisting with an orchidectomy I like Sonic Youth’s Dirty

disinfecting instruments is a job I like to take my time with. Flaming Lips’ Flight Test is about the right tempo

crushing a ganglion with the hospital bible suits Nick Cave’s Red Right Hand

handing out continence pads works well with Beck’s Sea Change

phoning the plumber to come unblock the toilets yet again – Twice the Man by Schvendez

background music during art therapy – Houdini by Perpetual Ocean

Happy Hour – Closed on Account of Rabies – The Poems and Tales of Edgar Allan Poe

make of it what you will. I’m just waiting on the meds to kick in….

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