singapore sling


nursemyra is on holiday in sunny Singapore, blogging will be non existent or sporadic at best for the next two weeks while I hook myself up to an IV drip at The Clinic

gold wheelchairs

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corset friday 3.7.2009

ok, so not really a corset but this outfit will have to do, I’m freezing! But the good news is, I’ve decided to go to Singapore for a holiday in August, so I won’t be freezing for much longer. Any readers who have been/are living there, leave me your Singapore tips in the comments…..

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I like these nearly opaque tights with the fishnet thigh inserts. Though they do tend to show skin bulging around the net like  salami oozing out of muslin. No photos of the netting print left on my flesh after I swapped them for a pair of trackydacks…….

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corset friday 6.2.2009

nursemyra is wearing turquoise today


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corset friday 14.11.2008

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corset friday 7.11.08

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smooshed mammaries

Olga is promoting breast cancer awareness by asking bloggers to paint their breasts and squash them against paper. sounds easier than it is. here is my contribution.


and I believe it’s daddyp’s birthday today. many happy returns you loveable old git xxx


I’ve been scouring the net for some very special presents and am delighted to say these are on their way to you now…..


hope you enjoy playing with mammaries

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when I am an old lady I shall wear purple

ok it’s t-shirt friday – no word yet on who’s playing along. Stephen bought me this t-shirt in New York. it’s also what I was wearing while holding him when he died. my son’s then-boyfriend had packed a little bag for me while I was living in at the hospice and this was in it. first time I’ve worn it since and I’ll probably exchange it in a minute for something cooler as it’s 35 degrees in sydney today. so stephen this one’s for you. as you once wrote to me…. “love you, miss you, just want to kiss you”

I hope everyone I mentioned last week is posting their photographs soon and I’ve heard rumours that there will be at least one new entrant…… c’mon people the nurse is waiting 🙂

first cab off the rank : Dolce

now Sylvie’s is up too plus Silverstar’s and Daisyfae’s

it’s saturday morning now for me but presumably still friday in other parts of the world. 70s has posted hers and so has Miss…..

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friday babydoll, no corsetry

 don’t forget next friday is T-Shirt Friday. Past participants have been 70s, daisyfae, dolce, surftwin, silverstar and anniegirl…… lizza and sylvied could probably be persuaded to join in too. if I’ve missed any participants out please remind me and I’ll add the links.

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tons of tongue

how far would you go to give a partner sexual satisfaction? would you allow yourself to look pretty stupid?

some people might argue that there’s plenty of opportunity during sex for both partners to look rather weird. nursemyra likes things that are aesthetically pleasing so I think I’d draw the line at wearing “The Oral Sex Helper”

if you had a partner with ‘exotic’ tastes, how far would you be prepared to go sexually? where would you draw the line? the majority of men who crossdress are straight, I wonder how many women would consider sex with a man wearing female underwear. Is a little light S & M ok or would you balk if someone handed you a paddle? what if your partner was into golden showers?

we’ve covered a lot at the gimcrack over the past twenty months or so. nursemyra has been learning along with her readers. I honestly had no idea that some cultures preferred dry sex nor had I heard of doggie style enhancement straps and ccyell minichairs.

I’m beginning to think my penchant for pearl necklaces and pierced nipples is rather tame compared to some of the ‘philias’ that are out there…….

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pink and white lace corselet friday

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