corset friday 19/6/2009

my son has taken my camera to prague so I’m resorting to the out takes file this week. I love the fabric in this old boned and moulded corset top. the scarf was a present from my well travelled friend Martino. I think it was from Cambodia though it may have come from India. He’s been so many places it’s hard to keep track…..

out take 1 out take 2

out take 3 out take 4

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corset friday 12.6.2009

spiderwoman 008 spiderwoman 004 spiderwoman 006

I have fond memories of this spiderwoman corset. I wore it when Stephen was working on a 2006 installation that featured a one armed spiderman. Click the link below to see his wild version


PS: I don’t usually have offers to join in Corset Friday but tigereyesal has indeed done just this. go over here and tell her how great she looks

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protect your garden produce by irrumation

Priapus was thought to be the son of Dionysus and Aphrodite. As well as being the god of fertility, he was also known as the protector of horticulture.


As a watcher Priapus warns thieves and transgressors, threatening to sodomise or to sexually penalize in any other way whoever dares to steal the garden’s greens and fruits (following epigrams collected by Smithers & Burton in Priapeia):

“I warn you, my lad, you will be sodomised; you, my girl, I shall futter; for the thief who is bearded, a third punishment remains.”


“… If I do seize you … you shall be so stretched that you will think your anus never had any wrinkles.”


The third punishmen treferred to in the Epigram is irrumation or coition with the mouth. The Romans regarded irrumation as a far more shameful vice than sodomy. In the Kama Sutra a chapter is devoted to ‘Mouth Congress’, in which the process is divided into eight stages:

1 The nominal congress
2 Biting the sides
3 Pressing outside
4 Pressing inside
5 Kissing
6 Rubbing
7 Sucking a mango fruit and
8 Swallowing up.


 If the threat of punishment by  irrumation were to be resurrected I predict a sudden corresponding rise in the theft of root vegetables…….

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corset friday 22.5.2009

brown bow 001 brown bow 008 brown bow 009

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