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Today’s post was going to be about Art Acord, a movie star from the silent era who also worked as a stunt rider in rodeos and Wild West shows.

Because of a heavy drinking problem and his inability to adapt to the advent of talkies, Acord’s film career faded, and he ended up mining in Mexico. Shortly before his death, Acord appears to have attempted to orchestrate his own kidnapping as a publicity stunt.

Art Acord died in Chihuahua, Mexico, on January 4, 1931 from cyanide poisoning and complications related to hepatitis. Official Mexican records called it a suicide, but some of Acord’s friends over the years insisted that he had been murdered by a Mexican politician who had caught Acord having an affair with his wife.

His death sounds somewhat mysterious but it was the phrase “orchestrate his own kidnapping” that got my attention. It reminded me of the con trick perpetrated by little known singer Fairlie Arrow when she faked her own abduction in 1991.

The entertainer, who was found bound and blindfolded on the roadside at Mudgeeraba, claimed she had been been kidnapped by a crazed fan in a 48-hour ordeal during which she was supposedly tied to a four-poster bed.

But she later admitted it was all a publicity stunt, cooked up by her and her gold chain-wearing, tow-truck-driving svengali Bob Deering, to promote her singing career.

During her two-day “kidnapping” she hid out at a Nerang motel. Arrow was later fined $5000 for the hoax and ordered to pay $18,500 in costs. She went on to pose nude for a men’s magazine and now lives in the US.

Reading that old news article prompted me to investigate what Fairlie is up to these days. Apparently she shares Art Acord’s interest in horses.

The Las Vegas World Invitational Show Jumping Extravaganza resulted in checks issued to most riders and officials bouncing or the recipients being advised not to cash them as no funds were available. Promises by David R. Shriner, chairman and chief executive officer, and Fairlie Arrow, executive in charge of production for Equus Entertainment that staged the event, to honor an estimated $1 million in outstanding obligations have not been met.

Poor Fairlie, I hope she got that sorted out. At least she’s got another career to fall back on

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Fairlie Arrow, a third degree black belt martial artist and a three times world lightweight kickboxing champion also released a series of kickboxing workout video tapes entitled “The TaeKickBoxing Workout” which are available through Madacy Home Video Entertainment and are number two on the best seller list of workout tapes.

Any Mexican politician with a pocketful of cyanide would be advised to steer clear of Fairlie…..

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