yellow rose of denver

Jennie Rogers ran a lavish, opulent bordello in Colorado for nearly 40 years.

“In 1884 she was arrested for vagrancy and for being a professional morphine taker. Probably Jennie had been too hoity toity ¬†to some member of the police force and he had taken revenge.

There is another story, possibly apocryphal, that the town council ordered all the “soiled doves” to wear a yellow ribbon to indicate their occupation. Jennie and the other madams got together and ordered their girls to buy complete yellow outfits including yellow parasols. Plumed and beribboned they drove in buggies all over town until the town council retreated in dismay and rescinded the order.

parasol nipple tassles found here

Jennie’s friend Mattie Silks, was also a Colorado bordello owner whose name was often in the papers.

“At a party in 1877, Mattie and another madam, Kate Fulton, exchanged fisticuffs over Mattie’s lover, Cortez Thomson. Both Cortez and Kate’s beau, Sam Thatcher became embroiled in the fighting. Things escalated when someone shot at Cortez and Mattie called Kate out to a duel. Both women fired their pistols, missing each other, though Mattie manged to wound Cortez who was standing on the sidelines watching.

Laura Evans was yet another madam who led an interesting life

In 1896 she smuggled the payroll past striking miners to the ones who had stayed on the job. That same year she and one of her friends went tearing through town in a horse drawn sleigh, smashing into Leadville’s elaborate ice palace, destroying much of the $200,000 erection. ‘Miss Laura’ was known as a hoyden, specialising in pranks, wiles, peccadilloes and boisterous drunks. She died just before her 90th birthday, still rolling her own cigarettes and telling her profanity-laden stories of the good old days.”

Leadville Ice Palace found here

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a robust fustigation

According to London: The Wicked City by Fergus Linnane, there were brothels in 19th century England designed specifically for the gratification of women. Mary Wilson hosted an “Eleusinian Institution” divided into two sections, one for married women and their lovers, the other for women seeking sex.

ann margaret

Ann-Margaret (especially for UB)

Before making their choice, the women¬†viewed the men through a window. When they saw one they fancied they would ring for a chambermaid and point him out. The woman could then “enjoy him in the dark, or have a light and keep on her mask. she can stay an hour or a night, and have one or two dozen men as she pleases, without being known to any of them….”


Mrs Wilson also specialised in flagellation. This interesting woman, who translated and published European erotic novels, wrote extensively about men’s addiction to flagellation, and classified the different types drawn to it:

those who like to receive a fustigation from the hands of a robust woman who wields the rod with vigour and effect


those who desire to administer birch discipline on the white and plump buttocks of a female


and those who derive excitement from being spectators of the sport

ironside's lone hand

Which one are you?

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