the tooth fairy grows a beard

Does your local dentist charge prohibitively expensive fees? Who cares if he went to University for 5 years and has a framed degree hanging on his wall? There are cheaper ways to obtain a mouthful of pearly whites.


“50-year-old West Virginia evangelist, Rev. Steve Jones, who describes himself as “an interdenominational Christian,” will pray for the sick and lame, but it’s cracked molars, crooked teeth, toothaches and amalgam fillings that he believes are his calling.

Since he began praying for teeth in 1987, the former coal miner and amateur boxer says he has seen crooked teeth straighten in slow motion, cracked teeth heal, and blackened amalgam fillings turn to silver and gold.


He has practiced his orthodontic ministry across North and South America, Europe and Asia. There is no charge to hear Jones preach, but assistants pass out envelopes and ask the worshippers to make a donation toward gas money.


“I have seen some things that would make science realize that there is a creator,” Jones told the crowd, his half-tenor, half-baritone voice now so loud that the speakers distort it. “Especially when you watch teeth move in slow motion and straighten; especially when you see God create things that wasn’t.”


Sarasota resident Leann Schlabach came to the revival hoping Jones would heal her cracked tooth. “It feels better now; it was very sensitive before,” she said afterward.

Another Parrish resident was sure something had taken place in his mouth. “I came expecting it to happen,” he said. “When he prayed for me, I felt the right side of my face go numb.”

Afterwards the crowd filed slowly out. For some of them, Jones said, a miracle may already be in motion. “Healing doesn’t always happen there and then,” he said. “But it could happen when they’re in McDonald’s the next day.”


Dr Willard Fuller also miraculously heals teeth, as shown by the testimonials below

For the past 43 years, this man of faith has traveled throughout all of the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Russia and Australia, ministering to the needs of those who are seeking truth. 40,000 dental healings have manifested as a result of his ministry.


“During Rev. Fuller’s hands on healing services, I have personally seen teeth move, silver fillings turn to gold, facial bone structure of the jaw move and shift into alignment, gold crowns appear and existing fillings disappear. This healing experience comes with my highest recommendation.” -Barbara Waterhouse, Minister, Center for Creative Living, Ashville.

“We watched as cavities filled, old fillings turned to gold, crooked teeth became straight, and gums healed, right before our very eyes. Michael Beckwith, Minister, Agape Church of Religious Science, Santa Monica.

“This man is a veritable traveling tooth fairy.” -The Toronto Star (Canada)


Don’t despair if Willard doesn’t have plans to minister in your neck of the woods though. Just send him a 3″ x 5″ index card with a list of your needs on it and he’ll heal you remotely.

Send the card, with a self addressed stamped envelope to:

Lively Stone’s World Healing Fellowship

P.O. Box 396

Lloyd, FL 32337

Expect good things to happen, plus a letter from the Lively Stone’s Fellowship.

fake fashions

Oh the things we do in the name of fashion

In the 18th century it was considered fashionable to wear fake eyebrows made from mouse skin! As mice were caught they were skinned and cleaned and shaped into eyebrows which the well-to-do and fashion plates of the times glued over their real brows. Unfortunately, the heat of the ballroom sometimes caused them to slip.

Rich women seeking rejuvenation for their fading beauty visited Madame Rachel of New Bond Street. She opened her salon in 1863 but was forced to close a few years later when she got in trouble with the law.

“She sold Magnetic Rock Dew Water of Sahara for removing Wrinkles, Disinfecting Powder of the choicest Arabian odours, Chinese Leaves for the cheeks and lips, Astringents and stimulants for rendering the hair Italian brown, Senses of Peace, Vinegars for the Sick Room, Souvenir de Marriage, Maiden’s Keepsake….  She professed in her advertisements to be able to do diverse incredible things

Madame Rachel came undone when she extracted £5,300 from a certain Mrs Borradaile “to make her beautiful forever”. Mrs M was left penniless after signing over everything she had to Madame Rachel and receiving very little in exchange

“On several occasions though, she gave me a cigar. I recollect her giving me one in February of this year.”

Good fake teeth were a prerequisite for any aspiring beauty in the 18th century who suffered from tooth decay but until Pierre Fauchard developed an effective method for attaching dentures many disasters were experienced at the dinner table.

One of his methods stated that artificial teeth could be held in place by tying them to the remaining solid teeth by pivots, using waxed thread or gold wire. He also invented spring loaded dentures which exerted a constant pressure in the mouth. Naturally some muscular effort was then needed to shut the mouth but at least top sets with these powerful stabilisers never fell.

An accidental malfunction of the springs could be worse than inconvenient. The Victorian lady hated to be caught without a second pair in her handbag and a booklet of instructions on how to avoid mishaps.

Then James Gardette made the first springless top set. They were hailed as a dental triumph and he became known as the discoverer of atmospheric pressure in dentistry. You can see an example below of this type of rubberised denture which I found at Black Market Antiques. I particularly like the advertising blurb that went with it.

This is a real set of used false teeth. The dentures are in very good condition, with the obvious damage to the left front tooth, which has been broken out of the plate entirely. These dentures came from an estate, where the former owner no longer need them, primarily due to their death.

These dentures would make a great addition to a dental collection….also can be used for a wide variety of other things.

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