the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

In a graveyard in Bramfield, England, lies the body of one Bridgett Applewhaite. Her mother died of an apoplectic fit when Bridgett was just 16 and her brother died aged 27 of a debilitating cough and wasting disease. She had married once, been widowed and was about to remarry when she too died of an apoplectic fit at age 44.

Not this Brig(d)itt(e) found here

This is the charming and informative engraving on her headstone

Between the Remains of her brother Edward

and of her husband Arthur

Here lies the body of Bridgett Applewhaite

Once Bridgett Nelson

Not this Bri(d)gitt(e) N(i)elsen found here

After the fatigues of a Married Life

Borne by her with Incredible Patience

for Four Years and three Quarters, bating three weeks;

And after the Enjoiment of the Glorious


Of an easy and Unblemish’t widowhood,

Merry Widow found here

For four years and upwards

She Resolved to run the Risk of a Second Marriage


But Death forbad the Banns and

having with an Apoplectick Dart

Many more fascinating images to be found here

[The same Instrument, with which he had


Dispatcht her Mother]

Toucht the most vital part of the Brain;

She must have fallen Directly to the Ground

[as one Thunder-strook]

Thunderstorm found here

If she had not been Catch’t and Supported

by her Intended Husband.

Of which invisible Bruise,

After a struggle for above Sixty Hours

With that grand enemy to Life,

(But the certain and Merciful Friend to Helpless Old Age)

In Terrible Convulsions Plaintive Groans, or

Stupefying Sleep

Without recovery of her Speech, or Senses

She dyed on the 12th day Sepr in ye year of our

Lord 1737

Of her own age 44.


Mike, Steve, Greg – all dead at 44

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