I’ve written about graphology before but I found an extract from the 1928 Dallas Morning News that made me think the subject could be worth a revisit

“Can you tell me by the enclosed sample of my handwriting whether I will be a great actress, or does it show that my talents run along the lines of literature? Will you please answer immediately, because I am awaiting your decision before I make up my mind to go on the stage or write a book. My career rests entirely upon the sort of analysis you make.”


This excerpt from the letter of a young lady of apparently versatile talents and ambitions, and an unbounded faith in the ability of the handwriting analyst to delve into the future and advise her accordingly, is only one of the many amusing and sometimes absurd missives and inquiries which come daily to Nell Lively Dunaway of Lawton, Ok.

not this Dunaway

Asked about the character changes showing in one’s handwriting, Mrs Dunaway laughingly said that only a day or so before, she had noticed a change in her own writing, denoting an acquired love of authority, and upon carefully considering the matter, discovered to her own chagrin that she was becoming terribly bossy.


“I use it in hiring my household help” she said. “Whenever I lose a maid or a cook and we have a run on new ones, I have them write their name, address and telephone number down for me and then I analyze it when they’re gone.”

“You fire and hire on the way a ‘t’ is crossed?” I demanded incredulously. Really, I felt that it was a sort of unfair advantage to take. What if a maid happened not to be feeling well, and crossed her “t’s” antigogglin, denoting a morbid and cruel nature, or left off the tails of her “g’s” or something else fatal?


One young girl wrote in and sent a sample of her beau’s script which had come in a box of roses. While, as yet, the question had not been propounded to the young lady, she said she felt that American Beauty roses at the present price could be construed as something approaching seriousness. In order to be forewarned and ready for the vital moment, this modern miss demanded to know the real low-down on her Don Juan who was so profligate with his intentions.

For instance: Would he make a model husband and remember such trifles as bringing home the groceries and winding the clock ?

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