ready red rooster

I’m about to go to the Blue Mountains for 6 days. It’s very very cold up there but I’m hoping my default colour of red will help keep me warm. This is a new corset, but in taking these photos today I was reminded why I gave up doing the corset friday blog posts – it looks like every other red corset I’ve uploaded over the years. And because it’s winter in Sydney, I’ve kept my red velvet trousers on too. See you all in a week!

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give me a break

The real nursemyra (as opposed to the I’m-not-a-nurse Myra) has had her fill of faeces and crazy patients. I’m taking a short vacation so here’s some homework for you to do in my absence. If you score over 12 points, don’t come crying to me. I’ve been telling you for years to eat more fibre

While you’re evacuating and weighing your floaters I’ll be soaking up some sun, sea and sand in Hardys Bay. There’ll be cooking, eating, mah jongg, crosswords, reading, jigsaws, kookaburras and pedicures. If you ask queenwilly nicely, she may take photos. I’m leaving my camera at home.

(My rosella Woody in busy mode on the left, nursemyra’s recently refreshed red streaks on the right)

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