sticky fauna

After enduring a heatwave last week, the weather turned cool and overcast as soon as Queenwilly, The King and I went to Hardys Bay for a long weekend. So no swimming but lots of mah jongg and spotting of kookaburras, galahs, parrots and bush turkeys. And this fellow with his magnificent camouflage

We also completed a rather rude jigsaw of a very happy cat. If you have both fish and cats in the same house I would advise you to keep a lid on the aquarium.

One other thing we did was play a few rounds of “If…. Questions for the Game of Life”. Your mission (should you decide to accept it) is to decide which two famous people you would sleep with simultaneously. Queenwilly chose Alan Rickman and Jeremy Irons (though ten years younger than he is now).

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The King picked the girls from Chronicles of Riddick, a film I’ve never seen. They appear to be Thandie Newton and Alexa Davalos, unless he has such a thing for older women that he meant Judi Dench…..

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I picked Jemaine and Bret, ¬†from Flight of the Conchords. Originally I’d selected Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen but The King told me they’d probably spend the entire night just talking about music to each other and that wouldn’t do at all

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