Lennon in her living room

Rosemary Brown was a widow with two children, struggling to make ends meet when John Lennon appeared in her living room in 1984.


John  was not the first famous musician to contact Rosemary, Liszt had been doing so since she was seven. He often accompanied her shopping and was knowledgeable about cheap bananas.


Rosemary Brown, a Medium from Wimbledon, London, claims that John first arrived in spirit form in her living room in 1984. Since then he has dictated over two dozen songs to her. She says, “He is taller than I always imagined him in this life. I seem to see him as he looked at the height of the Beatles early success – he looks to be in his late 20s or so, he is clean shaven, fresh-faced, doesn’t wear glasses.”


Mrs. Brown also observes, “What has most surprised John is that there is a continuing process of learning and evolving on the other side He told me that the afterlife is very much a continuation of this life. You pick up where you left off. You don’t suddenly change or know everything.” He also told her that he still loves Cynthia, his first wife; that he wants his son Julian to record the songs he has dictates to Rosemary and that he is now against the use of drugs.

image by Ronald Traeger found here

Rosemary is not the only medium to commune with John in the afterlife. Bill Tenuto of San Diego had this to report

It also seems that parties are held on ‘the other side’. John held a party in which a number of late personalities appeared, including Clark Gable and Carol Lombard. John’s spirit said, “… Carol Lombard was there, and I took to her. I want to tell you, I really took to her. We are capable of having sex over here…we do the same thing that you do except without the body. We love sex as much as anybody who’s got a body. The sensations are a bit different, with an interplay of energies that take place when we have sex. We don’t concern ourselves with Planned Parenthood since spirits can’t propagate a baby spirit.


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obsessed with alma

Circus performers have featured before at the Gimcrack but they’re an interesting subject so let’s look at another one,  Con Calleano

“The world’s greatest tightwire artist was born at Lismore, New South Wales, on 26 December 1899, the third of the ten children of an itinerant showman and boxer, Cornelius Sullivan and his wife, Vittorine, the grand-daughter of an Aboriginal. The family changed their name, and by 1918 ‘Colleano’s All-Star Circus’ was touring Queensland. Con mastered the feet-to-feet somersault on the tightwire – something previously considered impossible, because the performer cannot see his feet until after they land on the wire.

As well as starring in circuses here and overseas, Con was a stunt double for Charles Boyer in the film Flesh and Fantasy. His nephew, Bonar Colleano, followed in his uncle’s show business footsteps and became an actor performing in nearly 30 films before his sudden accidental death in 1958.

Several British stars of the silver screen have taken part in a fund-raising match for the family of American actor Bonar Colleano.

The 34 year old actor was killed in a car crash at Birkenhead, Liverpool, in August. He left a wife, actress Susan Shaw, and three-year-old son Mark.

Singer Alma Cogan kicked off the game, which also included actors like James Mason, Sid James, Stanley Baker and Alfie Bass.

Alma Cogan and friends found here

Alma Cogan was a pop star in the fifties and sixties who died from cancer at the age of 34. It’s been rumoured that she had an affair with John Lennon, that she was gay, that she had been raped when young, that she was a sexual enigma….. most of the rumours were refuted in a book written by her younger sister, Sandra Caron, who also had to contend with the attentions of a stalker.

“In the years that followed, Sandra became haunted by the obsessive behaviour of some of her sister’s more extreme fans. She was affronted when one of them, Stephen Woods, a former schoolteacher from Lancaster, who never met Alma, sent money to Bushey Cemetery to restore the star’s grave, without permission from the family.

In November 2001, when Sandra unveiled an official Heritage Foundation plaque to Alma outside their former home at Stafford Court, where they entertained The Beatles, Woods attempted to fund the cost of the memorial.

This offer, and a further one – to buy up 250 seats at the tribute luncheon that followed at Grosvenor House Hotel, at a cost of E12,500, provided he was allowed to control the event’s publicity and choose the person to unveil the plaque – was refused.

Woods, now employing the alias of Miles Furlong, took out another paid advert in The Stage. This one published Alma’s former ex-directory telephone number, the number of her passport, which he had in his possession, the registration number of her car, and the site and number of her grave.

Another Jewish Alma who attracted stalker-like attention was Alma Mahler. When her love affair with artist Oskar Kokoschka ended, he remained obsessed with her.

“He contacted dollmaker Hermine Moos to assemble a life-sized and anatomically-correct replica of his former lover, in order to fill the void in his heart. After several months of correspondence, during which he sent copious notes, paintings and sketches as to how the Alma-Puppe was to look, Moos delivered the finished Doll.

Despite Kokoschka’s initial excitement, apparently the replica left him sexually unsatisfied, so the Alma-Puppe was simply employed as a life-model, which garnered him some thirty pen-and-ink drawings.

Unfortunately, the Alma-Puppe met with a tragic fate, as one evening, at a party that Kokoschka held in his studio, he became quite drunk, and broke a bottle-of red wine over its head.

read more about Kokoschka’s specifications regarding the alma doll here

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