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Some Gimcrackers are occasionally non-compliant with medications so we ensure patients are taking what the doctors prescribe by watching them swallow whatever we’re handing out. I was going to say you probably wouldn’t believe where patients try to hide pills but if you’ve been reading the gimcrack long enough that’s probably not the case.

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Maybe if we made the meds more appealing we wouldn’t encounter such resistance. How about gold pills that make your shit sparkle?

It’s a pill dipped in gold and filled with 24-karat gold leaf. You’re supposed to eat it “to increase your self-worth.” How much is it? It costs $425. Effects? It will make your poop sparkle!


Alex Chiu’s Gorgeouspil TM pending certainly sounds promising.

This pill was named ‘Gorgeous Pill’ because it turns a user prettier every time the pill was taken. The user will gradually look PERFECT, even more gorgeous than super models. You will one day reach PHYSICAL PERFECTION!!

If your face has a very good chi flow, your eyes should look pretty. But if your face has weak chi flow, your eyes will look ugly. (If your face has weak chi flow, the shape of your face will also be strange and ugly.) Weak chi flow is caused by injuries or deformities that you inherited from your parents. That’s why you need to take Gorgeouspil because it frees up the entire body’s chi flow by healing up all the injuries and deformities that you are born with. Yes, even deformities inherited from your parents can be healed up with Gorgeouspil!!! That means even if your parents are ugly, you can become pretty by taking Gorgeouspil.

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If you already have a gorgeous face and sparkley gold poo, perhaps it’s your body that’s less than perfect. Who has time to source healthy food and take up exercise these days? The people at Plasmetic recommend diet pills

a. This pill is made from a cellulose compound of hydro gel.

b. This is a dry powdery material that swells up when wet.

c. A gram of hydrogel inside a capsule can quickly bloat up like a balloon containing almost one liter of water.

d. When this is consumed, it takes on the size of a tennis ball inside the stomach.

free swelling

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