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Arm wrestling has been a favourite way for men to match their strength since big muscles became popular at the turn of the century

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Keith D. Jones, a 6-ft. 1-in., 290- lb. Filipino American from Redondo Beach, California, was once the superheavyweight arm wrestling champion of the world. Jones coached Sylvester Stallone in the movie Over the Top. He taught Stallone how to curl his opponent’s wrist inward to weaken it and how to psych an opponent by puffing out his cheeks like an adder’s and bulging his eyes widely, as if he were having some sort of fit. He also taught Stallone to turn his baseball cap backward to imply he was ready for business.

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Jones admits that serious arm wrestlers can be a touch eccentric. They have names like Ripper, Goliath and The Punta Gorda Maniac. Their appearance often belies their nicknames. Bib overalls. Shaved heads. Tattoos and earrings. One female competitor is so androgynous and muscular that she was once arrested and handcuffed for trying to enter a ladies’ room. There are stories that Bruce (“The Animal”) Way eats cigars and crickets and washes them down with motor oil.

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Most competitors are manual labourers with huge arms (“the kind of men who use Borax to get their hands clean after work” according to Time Magazine), but good technique can whip superior strength. Aside from the psychological strategies good technique means knowing how to imperceptibly curl an opponent’s wrist after “lockup”, the initial coupling of hands with first thumb knuckle visible, thus weakening it for a surprise slam.

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Heavyweight Moe Motel explained that his tactic after lock up was to stand stone still at the table, offering only enough resistance to stay motionless, all the while pumping blood into his arm, readying it for the kill while his opponent grunted, strained and exhausted his strength. During a seated match, kicking under the table is forbidden, and athletes are required to keep a minimum of one buttock in contact with the seat at all times

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The longest match in modern arm-wrestling history lasted 27 minutes. It was between Steve Lusby and Earl Moffner. Their match was shown live on ABC, and they had to cut to commercial in the middle of it. When Lusby and Moffner were finished, they both fainted and required the attention of paramedics. Two unusual injuries suffered by arm wrestlers are fat lips and bruised bellies. The belly bruises come from leaning in hard against the arm-wrestling table and fat lips can occur when an arm wrestler slips out of the grip of his opponent and then punches himself in the face.

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Bob O’Leary, known as “the father of arm wrestling” rewrote the constitution of the American Armwrestling Association. The bylaws begin with a preamble pledging “to establish Justice, ensure Tranquillity, and promote Prosperity”, and include the assurance that “stickum and resin are permitted.” 

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bloody hell! all she needed was a big mac

There have been many people who claim to be stigmatics: Cloretta Robertson, Padre Pio, Louise Lateau and Gemma Galgani are just a few.


Therese Neumann, was born in 1898.

In 1918 Therese was partially paralyzed after falling off a stool while attending to a fire in her uncle’s barn. She sustained more falls and injuries during this period. After one particular fall she claimed to have lost much of her eyesight. In 1919, she was blinded completely. Bedridden, she reportedly developed horrible bed sores that sometimes exposed bone.


Therese reported that her eyesight was restored on April 29, 1923—the day Therese of Lisieux was beatified in Rome. She had been praying novenas in advance of this day. On May 17, 1925 Therese of Lisieux was fully canonized as a saint in the Catholic Church. Therese Neumann said the saint called to her and then cured her of her paralysis and bed sores.

Therese would later apparently develop the stigmata. On Good Friday, according to her own testimony, she witnessed the entire Passion of Christ in her visions. She displayed wounds on her hands and feet accompanied by blood apparently coming from her eyes.  By November 5, 1926, she displayed nine wounds on her head as well as wounds on her back and shoulders. According to several sources these wounds never healed or became infected.

From the years of 1922 until her death in 1962, Therese Neumann apparently consumed no food other than The Holy Eucharist, and claimed to have drunk no water from 1926 until her death.

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In July 1927 a medical doctor and four Franciscan nurses kept a watch on her 24 hours a day for a two-week period. They confirmed that she had consumed nothing except for one consecrated sacred Host a day, and had suffered no ill effects, loss of weight, or dehydration.


Inedia is the ability to live without food. The word was first used to describe a fasting lifestyle within Catholic tradition, which holds that certain saints were able to survive for extended periods of time without food or drink other than the Eucharist. Breatharianism is a related concept, in which believers claim food and possibly water are not necessary, and that humans can be sustained solely by prana (the vital life force in Hinduism), or according to some, by the energy in sunlight.

you get these muscles by living on air?

“Wiley Brooks is founder of the Breatharian Institute of America. In 1983 he was reportedly observed leaving a 7-Eleven with a Slurpee, hot dog and Twinkies. He told Colors magazine in 2003 that he periodically breaks his fasting with a cheeseburger and a cola, explaining that when he’s surrounded by junk culture and junk food, consuming them adds balance.

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In the “Question and Answer” section of his website, Brooks explains that the “Double Quarter-Pounder with Cheese” meal from McDonald’s possesses a specialbase frequency” and that he thus recommends it as occasional food for beginning breatharians. He then goes on to reveal that Diet Coke is “liquid light”.


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