oscillate wildly

Back in 1923, an English woman by the name of Mrs Travers-Smith claimed to be receiving spirit messages from the late Oscar Wilde.


Oscar told her that being dead is the most boring experience in life. That is, if one excepts being married or dining with a schoolmaster.

I feel the London of my time has been swallowed up he said; an article of a coarser quality is now in its place. The women of my time were beautiful, from the outside at least. They had a mellifluous flow of language, and they added much to the brilliant pattern of society. Now woman is an excrescence, she protrudes from social life as a wart does from the nose of an inebriate.

Oscar apparently had a low opinion of modern life. Or so Mrs Travers-Smith would have us believe. Psychics have a long history of trying to prove to us unbelievers that they do indeed have special powers. Franek Kluski had many people fooled with his beautiful hand moulds.

When the experiment was carried out, two participants sitting next to Kluski grabbed both his hands, so he could not move or use them. In addition, to identify if different wax or finished wax moulds were brought in and swapped, a very small amount of test reagent had been added to the wax in secret just before the experiment started.

Are there any tricks to make people believe that they were holding the medium’s hands without doubt, while not actually doing so?

The process is as follows: the medium keeps both of his or her hands together. Then pretending to call the spirits, the medium shakes or trembles, and while doing so, shakes off the hands of the bridlers for a moment, as if their hands slipped off.


In another article, the author hypothesises how the moulds were made.

Leaving aside the accentuated vigilance of the controllers, and the fact that he remained totally immobile, the moulds obtained were visibly distinct from his own in every way, starting with the size : as mentioned, the wax moulds were child-sized. Kluski was not a midget, and there were no midgets attending the sessions. As if it were necessary, Geley sent some moulds and Kluski’s fingerprints to the Criminal Identification Department of Paris and obtained a written statement from the Head of the department that the two did not match. Also annoying, in the context of a fraud hypothesis, is the small foot mould ; we would be rather hard pressed to imagine how Kluski (or anyone else, for that matter) would manage to repeatedly dip his foot in the wax, free it from the fragile wax mould, and then tie his shoes back on, without being noticed.


A simpler alternative would have been to use a prefabricated soluble cast (e.g., made of sugar). It would considerably lighten the burden of the cheating medium if the original cast could just disappear without a trace. But for this to work, Kluski would need to dip the original cast along with the dripping wax moulds into a bowl of cold water (or some other solvent). The researchers had explicitly decided against using the cold water bowl as a precaution against this possibility.

Regardless of how they were made, the hands have a certain beauty of their own, enhanced by the mystery of their creation. You can try the experiment yourself by following the directions published here


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the tall one, the broad one and the siamese cat

Falling on your head is never a good idea. Unless you’re sure it will result in a best selling book or three


“In the U.S., a sign painter named Allen Noonan fell off a ladder, banged his head and found he had awakened strange psychic abilities in himself. He was soon communicating with space people and undergoing all kinds of strange experiences.

In Holland, a man named Peter Hurkos also fell on his skull and the accident turned him into a world famous psychic who has spent his life helping police solve crimes.

click to enlarge or view original here

In 1947, in England, a struggling British writer named Cyril Hoskin told his astonished wife that he had decided to change his name. A few months later, Cyril Hoskin became Carl Kuon Suo by court order.  He abandoned his home and moved to a distant district where he was troubled by hallucinations and developed a kind of split personality, the Englishman being slowly replaced by an Oriental entity while his appalled wife watched. Then, on June 13, 1949, while climbing a ladder in his garden, Carl Kuon Suo fell and cracked his head, suffering a mild concussion. When he recovered, the Englishman was gone and had been replaced by a Tibetan with full memories of growing up in Tibet!

Deportation of Tibetan prisoners found here

Carl changed his name again to Tuesday Lobsang Rampa and began publishing books about his various experiences.

Despite having been originally rejected as a hoax and receiving horrendous reviews, The Third Eye became a massive international best-seller. Lobsang Rampa’s publishers admitted that they, too, had had doubts about its authenticity, but thought it would make a good read anyway. They prefaced it with a statement saying that many of the author’s stories were “inevitably hard to corroborate”. On one occasion, to test the author’s veracity, Lobsang Rampa’s editor at Secker & Warburg read out some phonetic Tibetan to him to which he didn’t react. When he was told that he had just failed to understand a single word of his “own language”, Lobsang Rampa threw himself onto the floor, writhing in agony. He explained that he had been horrifically tortured by the Japanese in the war and had blocked out all knowledge of Tibetan by self-hypnotism.


Lobsang Rampa produced another 18 books, becoming the 20th century’s best-known exponent of Tibetan Buddhism. In Doctor from Lhasa, he tells how he learnt to fly a plane, was captured by the Japanese during the Second World War, spent time in concentration camps as the official medical officer, and was one of very few people to survive the atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

Nor did he restrict himself to mere terrestrial travel, recounting a visit to Venus aboard a space ship and meeting two aliens helpfully named “the Tall One” and “the Broad One”. He admitted that his fifth book, Living With the Lama, was not by “Lobsang Rampa” at all. It had all been dictated to him by Mrs Fifi Greywhiskers, his Siamese cat.

all these siamese cats with their famous owners found here

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the odd habits of two Irishmen

Richard Whately (1787-1863) was the Archbishop of Dublin. He was also a spiritualist.

image found here

“The Archbishop had been long a believer in Mesmerism, and latterly in clairvoyance and Spiritualism. “He went from one extreme to another, until he avowed an implicit belief in clairvoyance, induced a lady who possessed it to become an inmate of his house, and some of the last acts of his life were excited attempts at table-turning, and enthusiastic elicitations of spirit-rapping.”

A favourite amusement of the Archbishop’s was to study the phrenological developments of his comrades; and on one occasion, referring to the peculiarly flat-topped head of a neighbour, he propounded what he called the “new phrenological test ” :- ” Take a handful of peas, drop them on the head of the patient; the amount of the man’s dishonesty will depend on the number which remain there. If a large number remain, tell the butler to lock up the silver and plate.”

He lived on Marlborough Street in Tyrone House, not so very far from Cavendish Row where the eminent chemist and geologist, Richard Kirwan (1733-1812) had lived.

On Wednesdays, at six o’clock, he received his friends. “At 7:00 the knocker was removed from the hall-door to prevent latecomers from being admitted. If his guests had not departed by 9:00 pm he put on his pajamas and escorted them to the door.

Kirwan was found on these occasions reclining on a couch rolled in a cloak, with another cloak covering his lower limbs, and wearing a hat, and with a blazing fire in the room at all seasons. Mr. Kirwan had a great abhorrence of flies, and he allowed his servants a small premium per dozen for each one they could kill and bring to him.

His servant, Mr Pope, slept in the same bedroom and was instructed to wake him every two hours to pour hot tea down his throat. Most likely by accident, Pope would often miss Kirwan’s mouth and dump the tea in his eyes, on his nose, and hair making a horrible mess in the bed. The purpose of all the tea drinking (camelliaphagia) was to sustain internal body heat throughout the night.

spiky teapot by Alex Metcalf found here

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diane and me

Some people think that after we die we reincarnate in similar looking bodies. Actually we don’t even have to wait for our earlier body to die before we get reincarnated as Joseph Myers points out when he talks about Madonna and Marilyn Monroe

“Many who may consider themselves knowledgeable concerning reincarnation have no real background of research or study. But they make assumptions which they believe have validity. The assumption that a soul-entity cannot possibly be reborn before the passing of the previous physical body is an example of such.

It appears to have been a case of overlap with regard to Marilyn Monroe and Madonna. Marilyn Monroe died in 1962 but Madonna was born four years earlier in 1958. The character, talent and physical appearance, combined with the memories experienced by Madonna, appear to validate the reality of this being a case of an overlapping rebirth.

According to brianstalin, beautiful and troubled 1920s actress and part time lesbian Tallulah Bankhead has been reincarnated as beautiful and troubled part time lesbian actress Anne Heche, Tallulah’s father is now Lindsay Buckingham and her mother is Stevie Nicks, both members of Fleetwood Mac. What a fascinating line of thought, I think I might run with it…..

Tallulah found here and Anne found here

Diane Keaton is several years older than me, but in the past my resemblance to her, especially in the role of Annie Hall, was often remarked upon. From this, can I deduce that I am in fact the reincarnation of Diane Keaton? Let’s see where we overlap.

She had a love affair with Woody Allen (I have an infatuated lesbian parrot named Woody), her mother was a Methodist homemaker, her father an Irish American Catholic (same as my parents), she appeared in a series of deodorant commercials (I use deodorant!), she has a reputation for eccentricity (well, blow me down, so do I), she likes vintage clothing and gloves (me too), she directed episodes of China Beach and Twin Peaks (I have been to China Beach and have a copy of Twin Peaks)…..

Twin Peaks in Ares Vallis, Mars found here

Who have you been reincarnated as?

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the little people who live in your head

Thomas Edison was a deep thinker who pondered on many different things

image found here

What I believe is that our bodies are made up of myriads of units of life. Our body is not itself the unit of life or a unit of life. We have myriads of cells, and it is the inhabitants in these cells, inhabitants which themselves are beyond the limits of the microscope, which vitalize and “run” our body.

more Horror Under the Microscope images found here

We do not remember; a certain group of our little people do this for us. They live in that part of the brain which has become known as the “fold of Broca.” Broca discovered and proved that everything we call memory goes on in a little strip not much more than a quarter of an inch long. That is where the little people live who keep our records for us.

more Tiny Plastic People found here

Some of the little peoples who enable us to remember things do nothing else during our entire lives but watch moving picture shows. The optic nerves bring the pictures through the small holes in the front of our skulls into our brains where the little peoples whose function it is to remember can see them. We do not remember everything we see because everything is not worth remembering. Little Peoples, like big peoples, are of various degrees of intelligence.

There may be twelve or fifteen shifts that change about and are on duty at different times like men in a factory. I infer this from the fact that we sometimes have to send for the particular ones that have the records we want.

We have forgotten a man’s name, for instance. We ask the shift of little peoples who happen to be on duty, “What is that man’s name?” They were not on duty when the name was given to them to remember and they don’t know. After a while, suggestion or something else summons the shift that has the name and they give it. I therefore take it that the possession of what is called a good memory really means the possession of the ability to summon the particular groups of little peoples who have the records we want.

Little People corkscrew collection found here

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Kellie realises Arnold is a breast man

Kellie Everts has had a busy life. She started out as a bodybuilder, graduated to stripper, then took to preaching and running her own church. And back in 1972, she had a fling with Arnie

“It was Kellie Everts first body building contest, and she was excited. She was also interested in meeting Arnold Schwarzenneger and Franco Columbu, the biggest stars of this special world. Both of the men, it panned out later, became besotted with Kellie.

(Franco Columbu, Kellie Everts & Arnold Schwarzeneggar when the three met in 1972. This was the beginning of a lot of heat and then a lot of wrath on Arnold’s part. After seeing this picture and a picture of Arnold with Racquel Welch in the same scenario, Kellie realized Arnold is a breast man)

For the moment, her mind was on Franco, but that would soon change. Arnold approached, and both standing there they had a chat. He GLARED at a photographer NOT to take a picture of them. Words passed that we shall not enter here and the next thing you know, Arnold was leading Kellie backstage to a darker and darker area.

image found here

Kellie felt like she was taken over by a magnetic force; like something that came from the sky with magnetic rays and sucked you up into a UFO. SHE COULDN’T RESIST ARNOLD EVEN IF SHE WANTED TO, AND THE NEXT THING YOU KNOW, THEY WERE MAKING LOVE.

But they got caught with their pants down, so to speak.

“Kellie, I thought you were MY girlfriend!” said an anguished Franco

Arnold turned beet red as Kellie, completely befuddled, blurted out,

“OK….I can be the girlfriend of BOTH of you!”

Arnold, in a loud voice, protested, “NO,” and Kellie from that moment, began to feel THE WRATH OF ARNOLD.

If you’d like to know more about Kellie’s bodybuilding triumphs (there were many) her popular stripping performances, or her life as the Guru Rasa of the church of MotherGod, read on here. You might also enjoy these testimonials

I met Kellie Everts in 1974 when she had her preaching television show. I went to her house several times for prayer meetings, was highly inspired and saw visions while she was praying. I have always been gay, and have never had any sexual interest in the opposite sex. One night, as I was sleeping alone in my room, Kellie Everts appeared and made love to me. It was the most glorious experience I had ever had. I said, “If this is what it feels like to make love to a woman, I will make love with women from now on.” And from then on, I became attracted to the opposite sex.

Jack, New York City 1979

I put a photograph you sent me on my bedroom dresser. It is the one with Christ in the picture. I’ve been praying to that Christ daily. Well, last night, in the middle of the night I woke up and it was dark in the room and I was attracted to the photo on the dresser and to my astonishment your breasts were aglow with a bright light. I kid you not. It was amazing.

Tom Bird, New York City 1978

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cousin thomas was a poodle

The Amazing Criswell was famous for his wildly inaccurate predictions

image found here

Criswell married an eccentric former speak-easy dancer, named Halo Meadows. His wife spent a great deal of time sunbathing; she also had a poodle named “Buttercup” which she was convinced was the reincarnation of her cousin Thomas.

Criswell was longtime friends with actress Mae West, once predicting her impending rise to the position of President of the United States, whereupon she, Criswell and George Liberace, the brother of showman Liberace, would ride a rocket to the moon. West used Criswell as her personal psychic, as well as lavishing him with gifts of home-cooked food, dropped off via chauffeur. Additionally, West was known to sell Criswell her old luxury cars for $5. For her 1955 album The Fabulous Mae West, she recorded a song about the psychic, titled, appropriately enough, “Criswell Predicts.”

image found here

Criswell authored several books of predictions, including 1968’s Criswell Predicts: From Now to the Year 2000. In this book, the author claimed that Denver would be struck by a ray from space that would cause all metal to adopt the qualities of rubber, leading to horrific accidents at amusement parks. He also predicted an outbreak of mass cannibalism and the end of planet Earth, which he set as happening on August 18, 1999.

His second book “Criswell Predicts Your Next Ten Years!” was released in 1969. “Why should you feel lonely when you have a trillion counterparts?” Criswell admonishes the reader in his foreword to Your Next Ten Years. “Do the other trillion feel as lonely as you? Are you fair to them?” This work is a combination of fashion tips, financial forecasts, amazing labor-saving devices, spicy gossip and gloomy tales of impending social collapse.

His friend Mae West was famous for the delivery of her one liners. Her play “Drag” was banned from Broadway as was her radio play “The Garden of Eden” where she purred the line “Oh, Adam — mmmm, come over here with your little ways and wiggle them into my heart.”

Diane Arbus had this to say after her photographic session with Mae

“When at last you come up and see her you know you are in the presence of a lady. Resplendent and familiar, she smiles between her superb teeth and rolls her eyes heavenward…. “Men are my kind of people,” she says. “I want them absorbed in me. … The man I don’t like doesn’t exist.

But the world of Mae West is not entirely physical. Her psychic eye has been opened. She has seen visions … “I knew,” she says, ” that in some marvelous way I had touched the hem of the unknown. And being me, I wanted to lift that hemline a little bit more.”

mae west images found here

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pyrex and poetry for posterity

Pyrex Simpson pipe found here

I love borosilicate glass, especially the coloured kind. Most of us are familiar with Pyrex cookware but it’s also used to make laboratory equipment, pipes and dildos as well as in solar thermal technology.

According to this site, one of the inventors of Pyrex was supposedly the mother of 1940s film star Corinne Calvert but neither Wiki nor the Pyrex site seem to mention this.

image found here

newsprophecy.net also credits Corrine’s mother with inventing Pyrex. this strange site about celebrity deaths and the predictions of Nostradamus recommends newbies click on the overview and update page but I’m still mightily confused. Here’s a taste of what’s in the Madonna Prophecy section

“A different danger now threatens Madonna, Britney Spears, and Paris Hilton on the seventh anniversary of Princess Diana’s death, in August 2004. Paris Hilton, in particular, I feel may succumb to the “Sharon Tate scenario,” but neither Britney nor Madonna can be entirely ruled out.

Meantime, should New York Senator Hillary Clinton choose to run for president, I fear she will be assassinated and I believe this can also be attributed to the Diana influence this year.

The writer manages to link all the usual famous blondes together as well as brunette Anne Sexton who wrote one of my favourite poems. click the link above if you’re curious to see how he does it though my advice is to forget about it and just read “I Remember” instead……

By the first of August

the invisible beetles began

to snore and the grass was

as tough as hemp and was

no color–no more than

the sand was a color and

we had worn our bare feet

bare since the twentieth

of June and there were times

we forgot to wind up your

alarm clock and some nights

we took our gin warm and neat

from old jelly glasses while

the sun blew out of sight

like a red picture hat and

one day I tied my hair back

with a ribbon and you said

that I looked almost like

a puritan lady and what

I remember best is that

the door to your room was

the door to mine.

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two or three gotch-toothed tarts

(Myra May) Belle Starr was born near Carthage, Missouri in 1848. Legend would have us believe she was a romantic beautiful Bandit Queen but this source tells us otherwise

“She has been described as ‘bony and flat chested with a mean mouth; hatchet faced; gotch-toothed tart.’ In her later years, she was a companion to known thieves and felons, but it is doubtful she ever did more than steal horses and provide a haven for fugitives.

image found here

Belle’s first husband and father of her two children, John Reed, was shot escaping arrest for murder and robbery. Her second (or possibly third) husband was a handsome three quarter Cherokee Indian named Sam Starr, son of the outlaw Tom Starr.

Tom Starr

The Starrs were attending a friend’s Christmas party on December 17, when Sam encountered an old enemy whom he shot him dead, but not before being fatally wounded himself.  Belle then took up with an adopted son of old Tom Starr, 24-year-old Bill July (alias Jim Starr), a Creek Indian. July moved in with Belle, her daughter Pearl and her son Eddie; he was her last husband.

image of Pearl Starr found here

Shortly afterwards, Bill July Starr was arrested, indicted and released on bail for horse stealing. Then in July 1888, young Eddie was charged with horse theft, giving him something in common with his stepfathers.

Belle Starr was shot dead in February 1889 as she returned home from a party. The suspects were many and included a neighbour she had quarreled with, her husband who had a secret younger mistress, her daughter whom she had tricked into giving up her fiancé and her son whom she had disciplined with a bullwhip. No one was ever convicted.

A totally different Belle, but one who still had Indian associations, was Silver Belle.

Silver Belle was the ‘spirit guide’ of the American medium, Ethel Post-Parrish. In 1953, 81 people believed they witnessed ectoplasm materializing out of Ethel’s body in a smoky white cloud to form the shape of a beautiful woman.

“The ectoplasm will retract back into the medium’s body, however, not all of it will return; leaving the medium very exhausted. This is why Joshua did not leave the tent in Exodus 33:11. Joshua was the medium for Jehovah to materialize and “speak with Moses face to face.

I have no idea what ectoplasmic Belle had in common with Joshua, Jehovah or Moses, but it’s a direct quote from the website and is possibly helps to explain why Ethel has such bad posture in all her photographs….

Our third Belle was a serial killer born in 1859.

It is estimated that she killed more than 40 people over several decades. Belle Gunness married a Norwegian man in Chicago and soon after they opened a confectionery store. The business venture was not a success and within a year the store had burnt down in mysterious circumstances. Insurance money was paid and the money was used to purchase a home in Austin. This was destroyed, again by a mysterious fire, in 1898; the couple collected insurance money and purchased yet another home. Within two years her husband had died, on July 30th 1900, the only day that two life insurance policies on him overlapped. She applied for insurance money of $8,500 dollars on the day after his funeral.

She used the money to buy a farm in Indiana and moved there with the couple’s three daughters, one of whom was adopted. It was later established that Gunness and Sorenson had four offspring together, but that two had died in infancy; suffice to say that those two children were also insured and that it is now believed that they too were poisoned.

Belle then met a Norwegian named Peter Gunness who lived in her village (it was then that she acquired her famous surname) and they married on April 1st 1902. By this stage she was working a lot quicker, within a week of the ceremony Peter’s infant daughter had died whilst in the house alone with Belle. By the end of the same year Peter had a “tragic accident”, this time a sausage grinding machine had fallen from a high shelf onto his head, killing him instantly.

Belle’s bridgework found here

In 1906 her adopted daughter Jennie fell out of sight, Gunness told curious villagers that Jennie had been sent to a finishing school in Los Angeles. Jennie had in fact been killed and her body was later to be found on Belle’s farm. At the same time Gunness placed an ad in the matrimonial columns of all Chicago daily newspapers and those of other cities, she stated that she was a widow who desired to make the acquaintance of a gentleman with equal wealth to join fortunes. The result was a train of suitors, armed with wallets full of cash and deeds to their properties. Each would never be seen again, whilst Belle would deposit regular large sums of money into her bank account……. read more about how the bodies were discovered here

image found here

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flow into the rapid extrusion

It seems I’ve been missing out on something… the out of body astral sex experience….

Astral sex is a human-nature complication of consciousness and bioenergetic incarnation. In real life, sexual thoughts and fantasy type sexual imagery pop into peoples minds all the time, privately and harmlessly. These are perfectly natural and do no harm whatsoever.

Jeanne Moreau

In the sensitive out-of-body environment though, where projectors really are what they think, thoughts are not quite so private and harmless. The sex instinct is one of the most powerful primal urges and, like all strong emotions, can cause serious energetic problems if allowed to flourish unchecked in the sensitive out-of-body environment.

La Notte

A real time sexual encounter, accidental or deliberate, always has the same outcome. It results in almost instantaneous orgasm for the physical body of the initiator. The same thing can also often happen to the initiator’s passive or unwary sexual partner as well, when another projector is involved.

Once real time sex is triggered between two projectors, a strong two-way energetic connection forms. This can cause them both to experience uncontrollable sexual arousal which may be completely out of character for either of them. In most cases there is no deliberate intent on the part of the initiator of the real-time sex act; only a few stray sexual thoughts gone awry

image by Toyen

Real-time sex does not require physical close contact as it does in the physical dimension. Sex can be initiated and consummated from a distance of several meters or more, with the two projectors involved never getting any closer.

Valerie Leon

Because of this enhanced sensitivity, genital sensations experienced during real-time sex encounters are highly abnormal and feel nothing at all like they do in the physical dimension. The nearest I can describe this abnormal sensation is that both projectors feel themselves expanding into and becoming their oversensitive genitals.

A male real time sex initiator perceives the rapid extrusion of a giant penis-like limb as extending from his genital area. He then flows into and becomes this penis-like limb. This extends rapidly and deeply penetrates the body of his real-time sex partner in the genital area, even from several meters distance.

It rises up through and fills his partner’s whole body. The initiator has the sensation that the inside of his partner’s body is made of dense, warm, energetically tingling and throbbing, ultra-erotic jelly.

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