corset friday pops up again

It’s been over 6 months since I stopped doing Corset Friday, but here it is, a New Year, and I had an urge to play around in the dress up box. This is not a return to the regular corset Friday shots, just a one-off for old time’s sake.

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Corsets in Chicago

Thanks to daisyfae, while in Chicago we stayed at the almost-too-hip-for-its-own-good-hotel, The Wit. Floor to ceiling windows on the 24th floor with gorgeous views of architectural delights. And two televisions back to back in case we wanted to watch different channels from the bed or the couch. Actually, I think we only turned the tv on once, most of our down time in the room was spent playing banagrams, sleeping and taking corset photos. We discovered  daisyfae’s pretty turquoise number on St Mark’s Place, NYC and my red leather lace up came from a vintage store in Chicago’s WickerPark.


the suite even came with its own chaise lounge

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ready red rooster

I’m about to go to the Blue Mountains for 6 days. It’s very very cold up there but I’m hoping my default colour of red will help keep me warm. This is a new corset, but in taking these photos today I was reminded why I gave up doing the corset friday blog posts – it looks like every other red corset I’ve uploaded over the years. And because it’s winter in Sydney, I’ve kept my red velvet trousers on too. See you all in a week!

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merry xmas

I didn’t put up a tree this year so I’ve strung the xmas lights around myself instead. Wishing you all health and happiness for the festive season.

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t shirt friday 26.11.2010

Hope you all enjoyed a happy Thanksgiving… from the nurse xx

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corset friday 17.9.2010

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corset friday 20.8.2010

photographer: The King

permission granted by: queenwilly

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corset friday 14.5.2010

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corset friday 16.4.2010

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corset friday xmas

ok, fourth friday of the month is supposed to be t shirt friday but it’s xmas so I’m doing the festive thing instead. Hope you all had a wonderful day, it’s actually overcast and raining here in Sydney but still warm and the Christmas lights in my garden look magical….. love and best wishes from nursie…xx

all photos taken by syncopated eyeball

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