mad monarchy

The Madness of King George has been well documented but he wasn’t the craziest monarch by any means…

Georgie found here

King Charles VI of France believed he was made of glass and hated travelling by coach as he thought the vibrations would shatter him to pieces.

Maserati covered in shattered glass found here

Queen Juana of Spain so loved her husband Philip she had his body embalmed and took it travelling with her wherever she went.

Queen Juana found here

Princess Alexandra of Bavaria was convinced as a child that she had swallowed a grand piano. Her nephew King Otto once burst into a crowded church wearing a shooting jacket and a deerstalkers hat. He hurled himself face down at the altar, confessing to a long list of sexual misdemeanours involving pageboys. He also thought the best way to preserve sanity was to shoot a peasant a day. His servants would load his pistol with blanks and disguise themselves as peasants who, when fired upon, dutifully dropped to the ground and pretended to be dead.

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Peter the Great of Russia established a Museum of Curiosities to display what he called freaks of nature. The museum’s caretaker was a dwarf with only two fingers on each hand and two toes on each foot. He knew only too well that when he died his own body would be stuffed and put on display with the bizarre collection. Peter was obsessed with dwarfs and held a lavish funeral ceremony with a tiny hearse and coffin drawn by miniature horses when one of his favourites died. For contrast the funeral procession of little people was flanked by 50 extra tall grenadiers. He also employed a French giant who was over 7’6″ tall, and dressed him up like a baby to participate in another dwarf parade. When the giant died, he too was stuffed and added to the museum.

Peter’s collection of teeth found here