star spangled pussy

Monica Kennedy was one of the first burlesque dancers to trim her pubic hair into a heart shape. She also used to dye it red white and blue when stripping on patriotic days like the Fourth of July.

Fake skin bodysuit found here

Her act included a trick she did with an audience member’s spectacles. After collecting a pair from a volunteer she rubbed them over her bare breasts and vulva before apparently inserting them in her anus so the audience could see them protruding out. “I don’t really put them up my butt” she explained. “They’re not inside me, just in the muscle at the top”


She was arrested in Port Washington for standing on her head with a cigarette in her vagina, blowing smoke rings out of it. Whipped cream featured heavily as a stage prop as did corked bottles of chianti. “With an uncorked bottle you run the risk of vacuum” she told reporters.


A backstage worker on her show recalls ” She always went out there bouncing, bubbly and laughing and everybody loved her. She did the thing with the whipped cream on her nipples and she had heavy buns. She sat down on top of this guy’s head one time and stood back up and she had this guy’s toupee stuck inside her. When she realised what she’d done she tried to pat it back on without being too obvious but we were all laughing so hard. I nearly fell out of the light booth……”


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the Citizen Kane of stag movies

Burlesque dancer Candy Barr was born Juanita Dale Slusher on July 6, 1935, in Edna, Texas.


“At age 16, though she appeared much older, she appeared in the most famous and widely circulated of the early underground pornographic movies, Smart Alec. It was the Deep Throat of its day. Film critic, Phil Hall, calls it the Citizen Kane of stag films.

For her signature striptease, she would walk on stage wearing a full Annie Oakley buckskin get-up. By the time her five-minute routine was up, she would have stripped off everything but her panties, pasties, cowboy boots, white cowboy hat and the twin holsters slung low across her hips.


Offstage, Candy enjoyed hanging out at the Carousel after hours, where owner Jack Ruby became a close friend and father figure. In 1953 she hooked up with Troy Phillips, a nightclub denizen who became her husband and manager. The marriage had fallen apart by the holiday season in 1955, but Phillips was not the sort to walk away without one last dustup.

Jack Ruby and friends

When he showed up at her door Candy refused to answer so he kicked it in and stumbled drunkenly around her apartment. When he got 6 feet away, she leveled the rifle barrel on her husband and pulled the trigger. She hit him in the lower belly near the groin, later claiming her aim was off. The charges were dropped two weeks later, when Phillips acknowledged that he’d been very drunk and ornery.

Candy briefly became the squeeze of Mickey Cohen, the L.A. mob kingpin, whom she met while headlining on Sunset Boulevard. (He was a sucker for strippers; Tempest Storm and Beverly Hills had been in his bed too). Following their breakup she married Hollywood hairdresser Jack Sahakian, the Vidal Sassoon of his day, in Las Vegas in 1959.


In October 1957, Dallas police detectives knocked at Candy’s apartment door. They told her an informant had tipped them off that she had marijuana.

After a brief give-and-take with the cops, Candy dug down into her bosom and pulled out a pill bottle that contained less than an ounce of pot, the equivalent of the tobacco in 25 cigarettes. Her trial was a spectacle, with men elbowing their way into the courtroom to ogle the stripper and the jury sending her away for 15 years. Some time later, a Dallas police official stated that Candy had been convicted because of her occupation. He said the 11 men on the jury would have been mortified to go home to face their wives after acquitting her.


On April 2, 1963 — after three years and three months — she walked out of prison carrying a Bible and holding a $5.70 one-way bus ticket back home to Edna. As a condition of her parole, she was barred from working as an exotic dancer.

Jack Ruby, her old nightclub pal, visited Candy after her release and gave her a getting-out gift of two dachshund puppies. The dogs were about six months old when Ruby’s name popped up on every newspaper front page in America. She said she knew nothing, but to this day some view Candy as a cog in the arcane machinery of the Kennedy conspiracy.


In 1972, she published a slim volume of poetry, “A Gentle Mind…Confused,” some of which she had written in prison. She was lured out of retirement by a $5,000 payday when she posed nude for Oui magazine in 1976, at age 41.


In 1999, she was named on Playboy’s “Most Desirable” list, and she made Texas Monthly’s list of “perfect Texans.” “Of all the small-town bad girls,” the magazine said, Candy Barr “was the baddest.” Copies of her book of poetry now sell for as much as $3,000.


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a ring, a cross, a rosary

Back in 1974, Jean Danielou was found dead in the apartment of a Parisian cabaret dancer. What made this newsworthy was Jean’s status in the catholic church.


“At three forty-eight the police received an urgent message from a Madame Santoni, who occupied an upper floor apartment in a none too reputable quarter just north of the Boulevard des Batignolles. Her message brought the police rushing to the scene, for she told them that no less a person than a Cardinal was dead on her premises.

French police rush to the scene

He, Daniélou, had called there soon after three-thirty. He had, so someone told her, run up the stairs four at a time, then collapsed at the top, purple in the face, and soon became unconscious. She had torn his clothes apart, and summoned help. But it was impossible to revive him.


Father Coste, Superior of the Jesuits in Paris, arrived at the apartment and addressed the gathered  reporters. It was essential for them to maintain the utmost discretion, and, having said that, he went on to state that the Cardinal had died in the street, or it may possibly have been on the stairway, after he had fallen in the street.

‘Oh no, he wasn’t’, broke in Madame Santoni. The lady in question thoroughly deserved the title of Madame. She was well known to the police, a twenty-four year old blonde who traded under the name of Mimi, sometimes as hostess at a bar, a go-go girl at an all night cabaret, or as a strip-tease dancer in the Pigalle. Her home was run as a bawdy-house by her husband. It was then, however, temporarily out of business, as he had been convicted only three days previously for pimping.

This sort of happening supplied the Left-wing anti-clerical papers with copy for a week. One such, Le Canard Enchaine, had no hesitation in saying that the Cardinal had been leading a double life.

He had been under observation for some time, a step that was ordered by no less a person than M. Chirac, the Prime Minister who knew perfectly well that the Cardinal had been paying regular visits to Mimi.


In the Rue Puteaux, Paris, there is an ancient church, the crypt of which serves as the Grand Temple of the Grand Lodge of France. Some three years before Daniélou’s death, the Bishop of Paris, Daniel Pézeril, had there been received into the Lodge. Cardinal Daniélou had also been a frequent visitor to the crypt, where he was seen in consultation with one of the Lodge Masters who had been honoured with the title of Grand Secretary of the Obedience.

Masonic Pierre Cubique

Then, in 1975, a bishop by the name of Monsignor Roger Tort caught the train from Toulouse to Paris.

Excitement centred on the Rue du Ponceau, again on the left bank, a quarter notorious for brothels, prostitutes, and sex shops, where red lamps shone invitingly. The woman who raised the alarm kept one of the brothels. She had come across a man, who was obviously ill, in the street outside her door, and she enlisted the help of two others of her kind to drag him inside.

“The French Prostitute” found here

The stranger died of a heart attack, between seven and eleven o’clock, in the street, or in the corridor, or in one of the rooms. A news-hungry reporter said that the Bishop, once his identity had been confirmed, had come a long way from his lodgings. The reporter went on to say, backed by a snap judgment from the police that, as in the case of Daniélou, the body appeared to have been hastily dressed.

A clerical apologist later advised all those interested to put away such thoughts as being totally unworthy. He pointed out that Monsignor Tort, when found, was wearing his Bishop’s ring, and his pectoral cross, and that his rosary was still in his pocket. Of course the presence of those objects was enough to prove that ‘no inadmissible intentions’ had brought him into the district……

16th century skull rosary found here

I’m just walking the fox

Carrie Fulton Phillips was a scarlet woman. She was the one time mistress of Warren G Harding, 29th President of the United States. When he accepted the Republican nomination, Harding disclosed the affair and revealed that Carrie was in possession of hundreds of love letters written by him on Senate stationery.


“In return for Mrs. Phillips’ silence on the matter, the Republican Party would pay for an extended tour of Asia and the Pacific Islands. In addition, they would also pay an annual stipend to Mrs. Phillips in return for her silence on the matter for the remainder of her life. In her later years, Carrie Phillips was known as an eccentric. Her home in Marion was overrun with German Shepherds, and she was known to walk the dogs while wearing large mink coats with little on underneath.”

Natasja not Carrie

There have always been rumours circulating about the death of President Harding, some thought he was poisoned by his wife but here’s an even kookier idea.

my favourite Scandinavian vampire

“On the night of August 1, Franklin Prevost received an urgent call from Jess Smith asking him to meet the Presidential boat as it steamed into the harbor. Prevost boarded the boat on a typically foggy San Francisco evening and was informed by Smith that President Harding had been bitten by a vampire some time the previous evening. Smith told Prevost that one of the ship’s hands, a Norwegian named Olaf Johans, had done it, and that he had leaped overboard after the attack. Prevost entered the Presidential Suite and found Harding in a vampiric coma, the telltale puncture wounds on his neck, his wife Florence at his bedside. A brief discussion arrived at the only reasonable course of action, and the President was put out of his misery with a dose of cyanide.”


Of course, Harding is not the only politician to scandalise the public by having an affair. Congressman Wilbur Mills went off the deep end over dancer Fanne Foxe.


Mills, one of the most powerful men in Congress, splashed into history with a bridge-leaping Argentine stripper who would come to be known as the “Tidal Basin Bombshell.” Mills and four companions were pulled over near the Tidal Basin by U.S. Park Police for speeding with no lights on. One of the occupants jumped off a bridge into the murky water below. Her name: Annabell Battistella, also known as Fanne Foxe. Mills, clearly intoxicated, was bleeding from the nose and had scratch marks on his face. He later said the injuries were a result of his trying to restrain Foxe.

The married congressmen and the married stripper (also billed as “the Argentine Firecracker”) were reported to have been frequent companions, though he initially denied even being at the scene when she took her famous dive. Despite the scandal, Arkansas voters reelected him to another term. But later, after a bizarre appearance onstage with Foxe in Boston, he stepped down.”

Fanne Foxe

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Kellie realises Arnold is a breast man

Kellie Everts has had a busy life. She started out as a bodybuilder, graduated to stripper, then took to preaching and running her own church. And back in 1972, she had a fling with Arnie

“It was Kellie Everts first body building contest, and she was excited. She was also interested in meeting Arnold Schwarzenneger and Franco Columbu, the biggest stars of this special world. Both of the men, it panned out later, became besotted with Kellie.

(Franco Columbu, Kellie Everts & Arnold Schwarzeneggar when the three met in 1972. This was the beginning of a lot of heat and then a lot of wrath on Arnold’s part. After seeing this picture and a picture of Arnold with Racquel Welch in the same scenario, Kellie realized Arnold is a breast man)

For the moment, her mind was on Franco, but that would soon change. Arnold approached, and both standing there they had a chat. He GLARED at a photographer NOT to take a picture of them. Words passed that we shall not enter here and the next thing you know, Arnold was leading Kellie backstage to a darker and darker area.

image found here

Kellie felt like she was taken over by a magnetic force; like something that came from the sky with magnetic rays and sucked you up into a UFO. SHE COULDN’T RESIST ARNOLD EVEN IF SHE WANTED TO, AND THE NEXT THING YOU KNOW, THEY WERE MAKING LOVE.

But they got caught with their pants down, so to speak.

“Kellie, I thought you were MY girlfriend!” said an anguished Franco

Arnold turned beet red as Kellie, completely befuddled, blurted out,

“OK….I can be the girlfriend of BOTH of you!”

Arnold, in a loud voice, protested, “NO,” and Kellie from that moment, began to feel THE WRATH OF ARNOLD.

If you’d like to know more about Kellie’s bodybuilding triumphs (there were many) her popular stripping performances, or her life as the Guru Rasa of the church of MotherGod, read on here. You might also enjoy these testimonials

I met Kellie Everts in 1974 when she had her preaching television show. I went to her house several times for prayer meetings, was highly inspired and saw visions while she was praying. I have always been gay, and have never had any sexual interest in the opposite sex. One night, as I was sleeping alone in my room, Kellie Everts appeared and made love to me. It was the most glorious experience I had ever had. I said, “If this is what it feels like to make love to a woman, I will make love with women from now on.” And from then on, I became attracted to the opposite sex.

Jack, New York City 1979

I put a photograph you sent me on my bedroom dresser. It is the one with Christ in the picture. I’ve been praying to that Christ daily. Well, last night, in the middle of the night I woke up and it was dark in the room and I was attracted to the photo on the dresser and to my astonishment your breasts were aglow with a bright light. I kid you not. It was amazing.

Tom Bird, New York City 1978

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peak condition

Carol Doda was one of San Francisco’s first topless strippers.

image found here

In 1964 she made international news, first by dancing topless at the city’s Condor Club, then by enhancing her bust from size 34 to 44 through silicon injections. Her breasts became known as Doda’s “twin 44s” and “the new Twin Peaks of San Francisco”

She go-go danced the Swim to a rock and roll combo headed by Bobby Freeman as her piano settled on the stage. From the waist up Doda emulated aquatic movements like the Australian crawl. She also did the Twist, the Frug, and the Watusi.

Doda was a witness during the trial of two all-nude dancers who were arrested for indecent exposure and lewd and dissolute conduct, in 1969. Presiding Municipal Court Judge Earl Warren, Jr. moved the trial, temporarily, from the courtroom to Chuck Landis Largo club. There Doda performed to live song and dance numbers, along with a movie entitled Guru You. She was cross-examined by a deputy district attorney about what she hoped to convey to audiences in her act. She responded that the movie represents a satire of pornography…it’s to show people the humorous side of sex. Several members of the 10-man, 2-woman jury kept in check their smiles as Doda explained the 17-minute movie. The deputy district attorney opposed asking her to perform, considering it irrelevant to the case. He was overruled by Warren.

image found here

In 1968 she appeared in The Monkees’ film “Head” for which Jack Nicholson co-wrote the screenplay and Toni Basil wrote the choreography.

“The film rejects plot in favor of a psychedelic trip through a series of parodies of every major film genre, including the Western, the musical, and the war film. These stylized romps are intercut with various surreal scenes, such as the classic sequence where the Monkees are sucked up through a giant vacuum cleaner and then spewed out as bits of dandruff in Victor Mature’s hair

image found here

Co-screenwriters Rafelson and Jack Nicholson based HEAD on conversations they had with the Monkees while on a vacation. Nicholson and Rafelson can both be spotted briefly on the commissary set. It’s also memorable for Teri Garr’s first line in a motion picture “Suck it before the venom reaches my heart.”

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sisters play havoc

Little June Havoc could dance on point at age two.

Baby June was appearing regularly around Seattle, once as part of the bill on Anna Pavolva’s farewell tour, inspiring her mother to change her billing to “Baby June, the Pocket-sized Pavlova.”

Soon she was launched in vaudeville and also appeared in Hollywood movies. She couldn’t speak until three, but the films were silent and she could cry for the cameras when her mother told her dog had died.

June had a big sister, Rose Louise. Their mother, also named Rose, wanted stage careers for her children.

Madam Rose taught the girls to lie about their ages to truant officers and railway train conductors, steal blankets and sheets from hotels, and sneak out without paying. She wasn’t above sabotaging rival acts and was masterful at conning well wishers out of money with her genteel, brave-but-helpless single mother act. June later said that after the age of five, she never believed anything her mother said. A tiny, delicate looking woman, Rose nevertheless once managed to push a hotel manager out of the window.

By the late 1920s, vaudeville was dying and Dainty June was getting too big for a kid act. The girls never knew their real ages until they were grown. June thought she was 13 when she eloped with Bobby Reed, but she was probably three years older. A furious Rose jammed a gun into Bobby’s chest and pulled the trigger but the safety catch was on. (She later pulled a gun on Louise’s first husband too, but it wasn’t loaded.)

With backing from Rose’s father, they recruited a half dozen unprepossessing adolescent girls who wanted a career in show business. Louise made babyish costumes for them, and they hit the road as Madam Rose’s Dancing Daughters with a pig named Porky and an act in which they held dolls. The act wasn’t a success.

image found here

The act was renamed “Rose Louise and Her Hollywood Blondes,” and they worked their first burlesque house, The Missouri Theatre in Kansas City. It was then that Rose Louise Hovick changed her name to Gypsy Rose Lee

Meanwhile, Dainty June, now billed as June Havoc, had worked her way back from obscurity. After her smash performance in the Rodgers and Hart musical Pal Joey in 1940, she went on to a long and distinguished career in movies and on Broadway.

Rose (senior) died in 1954. In later years, she had run a lesbian boarding house and farm. One of her guests was shot at a party, and the verdict was suicide, but her grandson, Erik Preminger, is quoted in a Vanity Fair article saying that the victim was Rose’s lover, and that Rose killed her in front of many witnesses after she made a pass at Gypsy.

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a peek inside the mind of myra

A couple of weeks ago I revealed how the phrase “did Aristotle Onassis sponsor sex change surgery?” led me to an interesting site about transsexuals. Recently I was reading an old article about Sammy Davis Jnr and his Swedish wife May Britt and I wondered if might be something I could hang a blog post on…..

“May marries Sammy Davis, Jr., at his Hollywood home above Sunset Strip. He’s 34; she’s 26; the press gives her age as 24. The Jewish rites are performed by Rabbi William M. Kramer of Hollywood’s Temple Israel. Frank Sinatra is best man, and Mrs. George Rhodes is matron of honor. May almost misses her wedding when a severe attack of intestinal flu with a 103-degree fever beds her hours before the ceremony. After the rites she returns to bed, and Davis goes solo to a reception at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Poor May, what a lousy way to spend your first night as a bride. Googling “May Britt wedding night” didn’t reveal any more about Sammy & Co, but I did discover another Britt whose wedding was even worse

“Flabbergasted bride Britt Kallstrom’s plans for a romantic honeymoon went awry just 2 hours after her wedding when her policeman husband arrested her for drunk driving. Beautiful Britt lay all alone in a bug infested jail cell while the grim faced groom said he had no choice but to throw the girl of his dreams into the hoosegow. “I warned her she was too drunk to drive, when she got in the car and drove off I had no choice.” Britt says she “screamed and scratched and bit him but he just kept writing out the arrest report”

image (not Britt) found here

Do my readers recognise this lurid style of journalism? It’s from the Weekly World News – a publication I’d not previously had the pleasure of reading. Click the link and you could get lost for hours reading gems such as this one about unfortunate bride Elizabeth Muller’s life….

Her husband Werner eats cockroaches for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He said  “They bugged me for years, then I figured out how to get rid of them. I started gobbling up every one in sight. They’re a superb source of protein, one of nature’s best balanced snacks. I was a little squeamish about eating them so the first time I sautéed them in butter and then drowned them in chocolate syrup. They’re great in meatloaf too. All you have to do is chop them up and add them to the mixture, It’s hard to tell the difference between them and ground beef.”

image found here

Weekly World News also helps me keep with the nursing theme here at the gimcrack…..

“Sexy stripper Senta Auer was charged with manslaughter after she put on a scorching show at a local nursing home – and two bug-eyed old men died of heart attacks. Outraged investigators also filed charges against shell-shocked Hans Lehn, nursing home owner who hired her.

“I talked to some of the nurses to see if anybody would be offended and they all thought it was a great idea.”

Senta said “I’d just taken off my top and flung it into the crowd when I heard a gasp and one old man toppled over clutching his chest. a couple of seconds later another old man collapsed near the stage. I hopped down to help him but they told me to get away because I was making things worse. …..”

This image is of Senta Berga NOT Senta Auer. While looking for a photo of Senta, I found this fabulous site devoted to hairstyles. Be sure to check out Pamela Tiffin’s amazing mane.

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