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The origins of the Ancient Order of Druids are largely mysterious. However, it is known that it was founded in 1781 in London, and it arose at a time when voluntary societies and clubs were becoming particularly popular….


During the latter part of the reign of Queen Victoria, there was a Welsh archdruid, Owen Morgan, who believed and publicly taught that Jesus Christ was a phallic symbol.

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To do him justice, Morgan was anything but coy about the matter. He began his book with a note warning the incautious reader to expect explicit talk about phallic worship. He devoted pages to the task of exposing the Ark of the Covenant as the symbolic vulva of the earth goddess.

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A full chapter expounds the solar and sexual mysteries of the Tabernacle erected by the Israelites in the wilderness. Another interprets the ritual of the Day of Atonement as a symbolic orgy of astronomy and sex, in which the High Priest enters the Holy Place and is reborn from it, or, in Morgan’s own inimitable prose, experiences a new birth “through the hairy eastern outlet of the Virgin of Israel“.

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It may seem strange from a modern perspective to use a label such as “phallic religion” to describe Morgan’s theory, but it’s a thoroughly Victorian oddity. The most widely respected medical textbook on human sexuality published in England during Queen Victoria’s reign, Dr. William Acton’s massive tome The Functions and Disorders of the Reproductive Organs (1857), mentions women twice and vaginas not at all. For Acton, as for most male Victorians, “reproductive organs” meant penises and testicles. Vaginas were utterly taboo – a taboo so rarely breached that when the avant-garde French painter Gustave Courbet painted a woman’s genitals and titled the painting L’Origine du Monde (“The Origin of the World,” 1866), the rich private collector who commissioned it kept it in his dressing room with a veil hanging in front of it.**

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