star spangled pussy

Monica Kennedy was one of the first burlesque dancers to trim her pubic hair into a heart shape. She also used to dye it red white and blue when stripping on patriotic days like the Fourth of July.

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Her act included a trick she did with an audience member’s spectacles. After collecting a pair from a volunteer she rubbed them over her bare breasts and vulva before apparently inserting them in her anus so the audience could see them protruding out. “I don’t really put them up my butt” she explained. “They’re not inside me, just in the muscle at the top”


She was arrested in Port Washington for standing on her head with a cigarette in her vagina, blowing smoke rings out of it. Whipped cream featured heavily as a stage prop as did corked bottles of chianti. “With an uncorked bottle you run the risk of vacuum” she told reporters.


A backstage worker on her show recalls ” She always went out there bouncing, bubbly and laughing and everybody loved her. She did the thing with the whipped cream on her nipples and she had heavy buns. She sat down on top of this guy’s head one time and stood back up and she had this guy’s toupee stuck inside her. When she realised what she’d done she tried to pat it back on without being too obvious but we were all laughing so hard. I nearly fell out of the light booth……”


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