Him I would shoot

Back in the 1950s Zsa Zsa Gabor was famous as a panelist on Bachelor’s Haven.

Zsa Zsa

“Zsa Zsa is often peremptory. When she senses that a man does not meet her rigid standards she dismisses the offender with a curt “Him I would shoot“. One man wrote in “I gave my fiancée a fraternity pin, a ring, some china, black lace lingerie, a stove and a bed. Then she broke our engagement and refused to return any of my gifts. What shall I do?” Said Zsa Zsa “She should give back the stove.”

she should give back the stove

To a woman who complained that “My husband travels with other women” Zsa Zsa suggested “Shoot him in the legs.” A bachelor wrote “I have a lot of oil wells. Do you think that I should marry now that I am 50 years old?” Zsa Zsa answered “For this man life is beginning. He is now becoming interesting. I do not think I should just give him advice, I should see this man personally.”


Zsa Zsa had many husbands and lovers including Conrad Hilton, George Sanders and Porfirio “my profession is Playboy” Rubirosa otherwise known as The Love Machine. Rumour has it that waiters referred to the largest pepper-mill in the house as “the Rubirosa.” Porfirio jilted Zsa Zsa to marry heiress Barbara Hutton but just ten weeks later he took the private plane Hutton had bought him as a wedding present and flew back into Zsa Zsa’a arms. The reunion lasted three years until he left her for yet another heiress, Doris Duke, attracting world wide publicity for smoking a cigarette throughout their wedding ceremony.


Zsa Zsa’s divorce from George Sanders freed him up to marry her sister Magda. Her other sister Eva, who is mostly known for her role as the ditzy wife in Green Acres, was instrumental in popularising the game Twister.

“Milton Bradley, the games company, was dubious about a game that had so little to it and that used humans as the playing pieces. That was, however, to be its selling point. That became clear after chat show host Johnny Carson played it live on TV with the actress Eva Gabor. The sight of Eva on all fours in a low-slung dress with Johnny Carson contorting over her was enough. It was, complained competitors, ‘sex in a box’. And thus the game became the runaway craze of 1967.


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