his name is Unilson and he comes from the planet Vanfim

Silvio Berlusconi has his own private fortune teller and her name is Teodora

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She foretold that he would become prime minister, to which he replied that if her predictions came true, he’d guarantee her TV appearances—and riches—for life. Recently, Teodora was kind enough to consent to an interview with Vice Magazine, which must have been boring since she presumably knew what would be asked beforehand.

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VICE: Tell us how your psychic career started.

“In 1984 I was in a car accident, which put me in a coma for 14 days. When I came around, I had these strange feelings. I thought I was going insane. Hearing the voice in my head for the first time, I refused to accept it was real. In communist times it was very difficult to share such bizarre experiences.

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VICE: So who, exactly, is the entity behind the omnipotent voice that is broadcast inside your head?

His name is Unilson, and he comes from the planet Vanfim. What he told me is that everything around us is energy, which contains information about all that exists, much like a giant computer. All you need is the key: a name and birth date. The key allows you to look into the past and the present, and therefore the future.

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VICE: Did Unilson tell you about the origin of this world, of human beings?

Both us and them are God’s creatures, and the extraterrestrials made the robot.

VICE: Is it likely that your alien friends may wish to pay us a visit anytime soon?

They’re already here, they’re the energy making contact with us. But we are not ready yet. They don’t want tot scare us; they just want to help us lead a more earthly and natural life. The indigo and crystal children who have been coming into the world recently are prepared to make contact with them.

VICE: Will the world be ending soon?

2012 will not be the end of the world. However, the system will change and  provide answers to a number of important questions that have been piquing the human mind. For instance, the euro will continue to decline, and by 2016 there will be a new European currency. Germany will embark on a new path and establish its own currency. Italy will be revived and prosper once more. Turkey will become the leader of the Islamic world. China has been trying to see how the land lies before it starts to expand.

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VICE: How about the USA?

America is still the top power, but China is claiming the position. There will be  turmoil over some countries’ debts, but the future belongs to the Asian race. America will clash with Iran in an Israel-inspired conflict. Chemical and nuclear war will start from there.

VICE: Oh, man, this doesn’t sound good. Iranians can be a tad extreme.

This is inevitable, and so is the war. Parts of the ocean will be poisoned, the air too, and some of the crops, and not only in Iran but in many parts of the planet. Sea animals will start dying for no visible reason. Countries will become self-encapsulated. Those that have freshwater will not share it; those that have oil will keep it to themselves. Another thing: There will be some problems caused by an asteroid.

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VICE: What is the future of the Middle East following the Arab Spring?

They will turn to modern Islam, and great changes are in store for their governments. They will be united around their sheikhs and have their own currency. But this and other things I should not tell you, for they are in my new book, which is due out soon.

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VICE: With previous prognostications you’ve made, many failed to come true. For instance, you predicted that Berlusconi would complete his full term, and look what happened.

I am only a tiny conductor of all this energy. I am not perfect, and good for me: Imagine the CIA abducting me, and then I’d have to work for them. Generally, I have about 80 percent reliability, plus the future can be altered by other factors.

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VICE: What other factors?

Humans, for example. We have been excessively investing in the material, and therefore nothing good awaits us. In 2012, people’s thinking will undergo a process of reevaluation. The flexible ones, who are fit to live with plenty and with little, shall survive, while the rest fall away.

VICE: Do you honestly believe such a change is possible?

The year started with a tragedy in Italy, and remember what happened in Japan last year. Calamities bring people together, and there are more to come. People will be continuously scanned; the computer will become an integral part of any man, like a wristwatch. We shall all be scanned, financially and otherwise, but we’ll also be watched by other civilizations. Time will be running out, and it will seem to us that life is getting shorter and shorter.

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VICE: Won’t it be getting longer?

It surely will. Some people will look like mummies but will live as long as 150 years, thanks to advanced medicine.

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VICE:  How do people of faith respond to your powers?

The Catholic Church will acknowledge the extraterrestrials, who implicitly obey God anyway, so the Vatican and the rest of the churches will have to reconsider their attitude to this particular issue. The first disconcerting thing to happen will be the discovery of God’s particle. And this is due to happen very very shortly……

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a little red book

Richard Carlile (1790 – 1843) was an agitator for freedom of the press in the United Kingdom.

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In 1817 he was imprisoned for blasphemy and sedition for publishing an article about political enslavement of the poor. In 1818 he published Thomas Paine’s short Essay on the Origins of Freemasonry. Paine maintained that “Free Masons carefully conceal the secret of their origins, which they envelop in such mystery that few of them understand it. Masonry is derived from the ancient Druids, priests who worshipped the Sun.”

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Having printed the Essay on Freemasonry, Carlile’s next step was to publish a cheap edition of Paine’s infamous Age of Reason. He was promptly prosecuted by the Society for the Suppression of Vice and imprisoned again in 1819. He immediately turned his gaol cell into a Repository of Reason. 

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He had a light, airy room containing a sink, bed and desk and a set of weights for training. These were donated by supporters who also sent him razors, hosiery, nightcaps and other gifts. He hired two servants, one to run errands and the other to do laundry. His wife Jane took over the publishing house and was duly sent to join her husband in prison for two years. His sister Mary-Anne then took over and was also eventually dispatched to the gaol. 

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By this time his cell was getting rather crowded and he found it difficult to accomplish the necessary reading and writing. He demanded that Jane and Mary-Anne should be completely silent but they refused and the strain of communal living led to the subsequent breakdown of his marriage. 

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He wrote breathlessly to one of his supporters saying that he was “full of Masonry” and asked for twelve best steel pens to furnish him for battle. Carlile decided that Masons had forgotten the true significance of their craft and that he would have to be the one to teach it to them

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Carlile’s Manual, a little red book which first appeared in 1825, caused a lot of controversy. Although published by a non-Mason, it proved to be one of the most successful books dealing with Freemasonry, possibly because it has been used by Masons themselves in learning ritual

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Although Carlile’s Manual was bought by many masons, its impact on freemasonry was limited. A secretary of a London Lodge told him that all the signs and passwords were changed because of his exposure but there is no evidence that this actually happened. 

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During his life Carlile espoused a wide range of causes that seemed outlandish at the time such as vegetarianism, phrenology, birth control, divorce and equality for women.  

In 1843, The Times reported the death of the eccentric Richard Carlile and described how he had left his body to be dissected. Richard Grainger, a surgeon, agreed to lecture on the body. A crowd gathered at St Thomas’ to view the proceedings, but the governors, hearing whose body was to be the subject of the lecture, refused to allow it, fearing it suggested the hospital supported the views of the dead man

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