birds of a feather

I’ve created this page so I can link back to Archie’s Feathered Fridays. the large red bird is Woody, a crimson rosella who was found on the road many years ago with a badly healed broken wing. woody is tame and thinks he is my life partner, the other birds are his minions and they are not allowed to try and get my attention by singing. He spends his days shepherding them around the aviary and they spend their days trying to outwit him. the vet diagnosed him as neurotic and offered a script for parrot prozac which I declined on woody’s behalf. two years ago we discovered Woody was a cross dresser featherer when she started laying eggs.

the other birds are a hooded parrot, two bourke parrots and a diamond dove

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  1. Oh Woody just sound such a star .. a protector combined with egg laying skills…. how can we harness this on our own man kind? lol

  2. hello 70s! fancy seeing you here 🙂

  3. Little Caesar of the Aviary! 🙂

  4. how coincidental that you should view this page now. I took Woody out of the aviary today for a bit of a treat and when I had my back turned s/he fell off the fourth floor balcony. I was beside myself as the way the wing has set means Woody can’t really fly properly.

    I had about half a dozen neighbours out looking for him and he turned up on a ground floor balcony happily munching on some seeds they were about to plant

  5. *whew* you scared me at first. I thought he might have expired from your initial words. How good that he is ok and vandalizing to his heart’s content. 🙂

  6. Is there an email anywhere on your blog that goes into a box you might use from time to time?? I don’t want to pollute your comments section with my irrelevant responses forever – and I could warn you of French train strikes in advance 😉

    • I took my email address down after a vindictive troll started bothering me offline. She appears to have taken her vitriol elsewhere now so I’ll put it back up

  7. I have heard that parrots are good at mimicking because they need to join other groups of parrots when they loose their partners. So they learn how to talk like the new family. Hence they have an ear for sounds to mimic.

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