all trussed up and nowhere to go

patient BL has just come back from the real bigger hospital up the road after a hernia repair. BL was formerly a believer in the Cluthe Rupture Institute’s claims, he had been soldiering through life with a truss type appliance.

Because free from “harness,” there is nothing about the Cluthe Truss that can bulge the clothing. It can be worn under corsets; or worn under tights without showing. Many acrobats wear Cluthe Trusses under their tights when performing.

unfortunately his performing days were behind him, though that didn’t stop BL suggesting the Brooke’s method to one of our night nurses.


luckily, a hernia operation is a much less painful procedure than it was back in the unenlightened days of early medicine


according to medscape this was one method utilised before the Cluthe Institute set to work 

And the result of all this study and experimenting was the invention of the famous Cluthe Truss and Automatic Massager.

massage is classed as an extra service at the gimcrack. BL’s not going to be getting any extra services from our nurses. but don’t think we’re entirely heartless. if he’s finding it hard to sleep after the excursion up the road nursemyra is always happy to unlock the drug cupboard.



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  1. I would like to turn the table on you, Nurse 😉

  2. Says there the appliance fits like a hand. That sounds so comforting. Nothing like the feeling of a hand cupping one’s arse, I guess.

  3. Is that where you get hernias Lizza? I think you must be one of the acrobats mentioned in passing.

  4. Lizza – there are some exceptions to your sentiment. Such as in the UK Customs Examination Room at Heathrow Airport.

  5. Placidyl…drool!

  6. with a nickname like “jelly belly” placidyl would be the perfect drug for sleeping off a hernia operation.

    but they took it off the market. sorry Poody, we’re all drooling in vain now

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