full nettle jacket

you probably already know that a high percentage of older men develop prostate problems. in the never ending quest to improve her patient’s sex lives quality of life, nursemyra has been investigating claims that the humble nettle can be of benefit.

In Germany today stinging nettle is sold as an herbal drug for prostate diseases. The root is recommended for relief of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and other prostate problems, and as a natural remedy to treat or prevent baldness.


you can read more of the scientific detail here. I got a little distracted by the recipe for nettle beer


but I digress. ‘Urtication,’ or flogging with Nettles, was an old remedy for chronic rheumatism and loss of muscular power. rather like rubbing on some deep heat but more painful. then again, perhaps pain was the point of the exercise. the kinky spankers over at this organic S & M site seem pretty enamoured with the effect

The nettle was used by Native Americans to keep awake on long canoe voyages, by English herbwives to “encourage” prize bulls during the mating season, and by English mistresses for much the same purpose. And stinging nettles were as common in Victorian era erotica as figging, birches, and caning.


all information that I find quite fascinating. I wonder what I would have to do to qualify as an ‘herbwife’? encouraging prize bulls sounds like fun. nursemyra also likes to encourage safe sex so here’s another little tip from those kinky organic spankers…..

Men who wear condoms have found that briefly applying nettles to the penis before putting on the condom can compensate for the sensation lost by the latex barrier.

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  1. there is an organic S&M site…?? An education again dear NM 😀

  2. OK … I’m back …. I’ve had nothing but trouble from that Penfold chap. So, hugs …… he was lecturing me just as I was voting for you ….. and let’s have a look at the post now ….. mmm ….. mmm …… ah .. that explains that ….. mmm …. oh, I see …. ouch! … mmm … well I never! …. mmm …. oh,70’s you’ve got that round the wrong way. Of course M&S have got an organic section, silly girl … mmm …. OK, I’m going foraging now. Thanks Nursemyra – toodle pip!!

  3. All the nettles in the world can’t help my “cueball noggin'” condition.
    I love the bald thing.
    Besides, what’s there is just too damn grey . . .

  4. Oh, dear. I am SO not into pain. OK, fine, I’m a wuss … there’s plenty of other ways to get “encouraged” …

  5. Let’s not knock the latex barrier. That latex barrier is what buys us men an extra minute or two.

  6. Hey – there’s a game of virtual tiddley winks going on at Mr. Woppit’s!!!

  7. “Men who wear condoms have found that briefly applying nettles to the penis before putting on the condom can compensate for the sensation lost by the latex barrier.”

    Don’t their dicks itch a lot after they’ve done it? Getting sucked off by a baby wart hog is the safe sex alternative in our part of the world.

  8. How to become a herbwife? I smoke herb does that make me a herbwife?

  9. Yikes and Ouch!

  10. watch out Azahar. Nog’s got a nettle…..

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