driving nursemyra to drink

yesterday wordpress was doing some “maintenance” which resulted in three days worth of nursemyra’s posts being published at once. judging by the lack of comments most readers only saw the post at the top and haven’t scrolled down.


so today I got nuttin’ new to say. the stress of seeing three days writing gobbled up at once has left me with a powerful urge to drown my sorrows in drink. to all my regular readers, if you want more stories tomorrow, please leave a comment on one of the sadly ignored tales from yesterday. save nursemyra from the alcohol tree.



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  1. That is annoying my angel. I’ve been stalking on my feed reader for the past ages. I notice, however, that you’re not that upset to try out my new cocktail – tee hee.
    Here’s a poem to take your mind off things:
    I am a lickle worm
    It’s very very funny
    I climbed into a honey pot
    And got my tummy gummy

    OK, if you insist, a glass of port please – thank you.

  2. Oh dear! Why not unpublish them and reset the timestamps? It shouldn’t affect the comments.

    I thought it was some sort of Gymcrack endurance test but, as so often happens here, I couldn’t think of anything clever to say in reply to all of them.

    But you know I’m always here reading and learning. 🙂

    if I’d known how to do that in time I would have. as soon as I saw them all up there I tried to cut and copy them back to drafts but the “maintenance” they were running kept me from doing anything 😦

  3. Oh how frustrating … I thought it was unusual (I have been pushed for computer time this weekend I will pop back and comment on them later) 🙂

    p.s. please don’t mention alcohol!!

  4. I often wondered where you get the fortitude to post every single day … and here you are, forging ahead when we’re not looking! I’ve done the same thing, I confess … ok, so we got so inadvertently see your genius at work. Shh …

    yeah, I try to write a couple of extra posts on the weekends so I always have two in reserve for emergency. my general regime consists of coming home from work and writing a post a day. so I still do need the abovementioned fortitude because the writing is daily.

    so now I’ve got nothing in reserve so we better hope the gimcrack crazies are misbehaving today!

  5. argh – i didn’t know wordpress would do that. scary, as i have about 3-4 really awful drafts hanging around there at any given time…

    and i’ll have whiskey… it’s also what’s for breakfast…

  6. I had a similar problem yesterday afternoon – for HOURS! Luckily I was only playing with and trying to post one item. (I currently have 15 on my drafts list).

    I have had a busy busy weekend and am now totally sunburnt! And I will probably have to post two separate groups of photos this coming week. I really should know better than to stand around on a jetty for four hours on a hot sunny day! Anyway, that is why I have not been reading too closely. That and the beers I rehydrated with – – –

  7. I thought perhaps you were busy tending the sick. Then I thought, nah, it must be a technical glitch.

    I’ve been driven to drink. It’s a short trip.

  8. Hey, that’s quite a glitch then. Did you have them in draft and they got published from there, or were they time-stamped? I saw no complaints about it in the forums. Weird.

    yeah, they got published from draft 😦

  9. See? Everybody loves you, dear.

  10. I like to think the phrase “driving Nursemyra to drink” means someone is giving you a ride to the pub.

    I hate it when WordPress jumps the gun on my posts in the pipeline. It’s hard work coming up with daily brilliance.

  11. I was wondering about that. I was embarrassed thinking I missed all them posts. So I’m not crazy after all.

  12. embarrassed? you? were your cheeks blushing? which ones?

  13. And it’s a French alcohol tree, too. You poor thing.

  14. c’est un arbre des horreurs 😦

  15. Rain was singing the blues about this as well.
    I hate when technology catches us offguard.
    I am surprised that 3 got published.
    I’d be sitting next to you on the way to the pub . . .


  16. yeah I saw Rain’s post. it made me feel slightly better because Ian said there were no complaints in wordpress forum.

    nice to know I’m not the only one

  17. oh bugger it nuresmyra…every full bloodied gal needs a drink every so often……I threw my last one into my laptop…hence the silence for so long….she was bloody useless after that so I wont be sharing my rioja with her again…….just keeping it for myself…..happy days…;-)

  18. Boat Tart! we’ve missed you! are the corsets keeping you busy?

  19. Well the ‘fifties Dior’ inspired dress and coat kept me up a fair few evenings…..its the turn of the thirties bias cut jobbie seductively draped in beaded net that I’m obsessed with now……haven’t got a corset on the go at the moment…but have a really sexy halterneck spanish kind of push yer bosom up frock on the horizon……..

  20. maybe you could show us some pics?

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