secret vice

havelock ellis continues to supply nursemyra with gimcrack material. here he is talking about auto eroticism

“ignorant and chaotic notions among the general population lead to ludicrous results. To mention one instance: a married lady who is a leader in social-purity movements and an enthusiast for sexual chastity, discovered, through reading a pamphlet against solitary vice, that she had herself been practicing masturbation for years without knowing it.”

“Fortini, the 16th century siennese writer, refers to a glass object filled with warm water which nuns use to calm the sting of the flesh and satisfy themselves as well as they can. In France, Madame Gourdan, the most notorious brother keeper of the 18th century, carried on a wholesale trade in ‘consolateurs’ as they were called and at her death numberless letters from abessess and simple nuns were found among her papers asking for a consolateur to be sent. The French instrument is described as of hardened red rubber exactly imitating the penis and capable of holding warm milk for injection at the moment of orgasm. the compressible scrotum is said to have been added in the 18th century.”

“The use or abuse of ordinary implements of daily life in obtaining auto erotic gratification has reached a variety we can only feebly estimate by the occasional mischance that comes to the surgeon’s attention.  Hairpins have above all been found in the female bladder with great frequency . There is much significance in the frequency with which cases of hairpins in the bladder*** are strewn throughout the medical literature of all countries. In 1862 a german physician found the accident so common that he invented a special instrument for extracting hairpins from the female bladder.”

*** nursemyra does NOT condone the use of hairpins for autoeroticism

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  1. It seems to me that you lucky girls have more options when it comes to self-gratification. Am I imagining that? Is it just envy? The most exotic trick in my bag is to occasionally use my left hand and imagine that I’m cheating on my right hand.

  2. Hairpins…in the bladder?? What the heck have you ladies been discussing when you go to the bathroom in clumps?

  3. i think i grew up differently. i never
    had a special findness for cars. i can
    understand, to some degree, a person’s
    love for their auto, because i drive a
    honda, and it’s beautiful, but i never
    think of it in an erotic way.
    and i agree, no hairpin turns.
    thank you, nurse myra.
    i’ll be good now.

  4. Gala Hold-Bob. Ha. I’m totally loving that.

    I’ve got your party hair-do right here, all day long.

  5. Better hairpins than handbags ……

  6. How on earth did the hairpins get into their bladder….it defies science….. my word I have led a sheltered life up until now ….. 😉

  7. Ah, good ol’ Peter North. I remember him from my high school days when I used to get the porno channel for free. Him or Joey Silvera were usually in every movie, because there was only like ten guys in porno back then. This is how we got around having “the talk” in my family.

  8. Hairpins in the bladder! What on EARTH? That sounds totally UNhappy and UNfun to me.

  9. Heather, it’s never occurred to me to insert a hairpin in my bladder either. *ouch* like 70s, I’m starting to believe I’ve led a sheltered lfe

  10. WHOA! I scrolled down…Peter popped up..& my screen just cracked!!!

  11. that’s the Power of the Peter for you 🙂

  12. Hairpins are the least of it. We won’t talk about what the boys (and girls) get stuck in their nether regions. As I’m sure Nurse Myra knows, there is a whole category of eroticism that has to do with medical procedures.

  13. I wax. No need for hairpins…

  14. I’ve read that there are couples who are so ignorant they have gotten the wrong orifice for long enough that the urethral opening is enlarged. Surely this must cause pain and incontinence, to say the least.

    All a good argument for sex education, I think.

  15. I didnt know peter north had a vibrating cock, that man is talented.

  16. healinghands: *ouch ouch ouch*

    Alex: I didn’t even know he was a star….

  17. perchance a vibrating duck will
    surprise in the mail today…

  18. For me? Oh, you shouldn’t have….. x

  19. shit, who made a latex copy of my cock while I was sleeping – that just ain’t fair!

  20. Oh – and how can I get rid of this ugly monster …

  21. what did they swap for it?

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