hail mary it’s corset friday

charliemingles requested a black bodystocking this week so I’ve just spent the last half hour taking photos of nursemyra in a corset and crotchless fishnet number only to remember it’s the end of the month so it should be t-shirt friday instead….. so here’s a hastily donned T and shorts over next week’s outfit.


silverstar’s manifesto for t-shirt friday is that they must include a story. this one was bought for nursemyra  about three years ago by her good friend reverend anaglyph of tetheredcow.com from the fabulous shop Faster Pussycat Kill Kill

ok, I’m off to the movies now. if anyone else is joining in t-shirt friday leave me a comment and I’ll link to you when I get home…..

* back home now and I see that as well as silverstar, dolce and annie are playing along too. and what’s happening over at elgin street irregulars?

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  1. My T-shirt is up, and so is Annie’s.

  2. […] rather fond of Nurse M.  So, once again, I found myself pondering how to contribute to her T-Shirt Friday meme, when I’ve run out of the required T-shirts to show case.  Finding t-shirts that don’t […]

  3. Moi aussie.

    And how lovely, Ms Myra…

  4. Which movie?

    “In Bruges”. I really liked it but my friend didn’t 😦

  5. thanks nursey. have a good weekend. I trust the body-stocking photos will be up soon?


    PS: if you dont post yours, I might have to post mine. And you really dont want to see those madam, believe me.

  6. “Falling in lust again”

  7. sing it to me archie…..

  8. mmmmmmmmm i have a body stocking!

    so how’s the geting me to be your son in law effort going? lol sorry i been rather quiet, i been full on with college and my dildo, im back with a vengeance!

    ok, post a pic of you in a bodystocking and I’ll show it to him…..

  9. I wear a t-shirt most days …… but I don’t look quite the same as you ……

    daddyp you should still join in the fourth friday festive fun! I won’t invite you to participate in corset friday – though papersurfer and tnb would be welcome 🙂

  10. Holy Mary mother of hotness!

  11. forgive me mother, for i have sinned… and been too fragmented to post, let alone put on some festive gear and post a pic…

  12. daisyfae, you know I would forgive you anything xx

  13. mmm. i’m liking fridays more and more.
    and i love the way your tee glows!

  14. I think it would go really well with that cute little skirt you’re wearing today

  15. I was going to join in this week drat …. will catch up next time…. cool as ever NM 🙂

  16. hey how can I expect you to remember if I forget as well 🙂

  17. I once saw a local radio show host in a body stocking. He just looked like a fat wurst. Although it made him walk funny.

  18. Hi nurse, this http://www.intellego.fr/doc/1849 just might be up your sleeve. Esp. the foot and the wasp waist.


  19. oh the images are fantastic! what a pity my french doesn’t extend beyond reading menus 😦

  20. I drop to my knees in prayer. What movie did you see? And do stop by if you can, the blog misses you.

  21. I think I’m about to have a religious experience

  22. […] her blog, Nursy  is beautiful, sassy, highly intelligent and prepared to reward her readers every Friday with a little glimpse of her underwear….She is one of the smartest blogger I have come across […]

  23. […] sure if others are joining in t shirt friday this month, but if you are, leave a note in the comments and I’ll link back to you. […]

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