corset friday 18.9.2009

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I started doing Corset Friday back in May 2007 and have barely missed a Friday since. Which means I’ll soon be coming to the end of my corset collection. I guess I could recycle some that you’ve seen before but I’m getting a little bored by it. Maybe I need some more props or a partner in crime again. Daisyfae, why do you live so far away…..?

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Somehow they’re all starting to look the same to me. The first two are in a stretchy lace fabric. These above are shiny zip up fake leatherette.

5 6

I’ve included these two as they give context for the next set in which it might be hard to tell what the bare flesh above the corset is. That’d be my ribcage….

7 8

Any suggestions for replacing the Corsets? After two years of every fourth Friday being T Shirt Friday I’m running out of those too…………

Stop Press: 70s is showcasing a corset today too

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  1. you look spectacular as always… and i think i understand the ‘bored’. sometimes things run the course and we’re hit with the “now what?” slap upside the head…

    i do wish i lived closer… those photo shoots in spain were incredibly fun! two goofy broads horsing around at a slumber party…


  2. Blimey! You’re full of surprises! Expect multiple protestations and lamenting and wailing. I’m sure you’ll think of something else just as interesting. Featuring your lovely legs variously clad perhaps? Think of all the gorgeous stockings, tights and shoes you could treat yourself to.

  3. Stunning as usual Nursie, hmmm suggestions, i think you’re asking the wrong pervert, though i do like the stockings bit or maybe just naked, yes i’ll be the first to say it, tastefully done ahem of course, or maybe not, on second thought don’t ask me i’m basically a filthy minded 14 year old in a 39 yr old’s body.

  4. or your lovely readers can each take a week and have corset friday, wouldn’t be the first time i’ve had women’s underwear on, whoops did i just say that.

  5. Lovely as always, Nurse. But on that last one there seems to be some kind of critter climbing up your stomach. A very nice critter…

    And as to ‘What next?’. This may be blasphemous to other reader’s eyes, but you should find something that feeds your soul, not ours. Hell yeah, i’ll miss the corsets, but take care of the Nurse first.

    • I second that.

  6. If you do a Frilly Knickers Friday, or a Titslinger Tuesday, I’ll do a Glamour Bulge Sabbath.

  7. You’ll always be my favorite nurse, no matter what you do.


  8. bathing suits??

  9. saucier and saucier 😉

  10. awww. i love corset fridays.
    need something new?
    maybe you could try a stockings friday.
    or sexy heels fridays (everyone likes shoes).
    or panties? ohhh, i know,
    butt-crack fridays!

    ok, ok… even if you end up taking pictures of the bugs in your garden, or scabs, or blisters, carbunkles, corns, hickeys, papula, whiteheads, or your insanely inflamed lips… i’ll still be here leering… er… reading… your blog. and laughing because you’re so funny!

    • I agree with Seraphine. And I also like pictures of puppies. Perhaps you could combine any of the above suggestions with puppy shots. They could all be dogs available at your local animal shelter. This would be a service to all mankind and would apparently work for some of the ladies as well.

      Diego Gurratype

  11. Love the patch just west of your anus… or is that east???

  12. Honey I shrunk my nads!

    Lawsuit in the post.

    • Tom – where have you been?

      • long story. I have been trying to re-discover my muse. there was also a woman involved.

  13. I’m thinking bra and knickers ….. which is quite remarkable at my age …… tee hee

  14. I’ll refrain from suggestions, for obvious reasons . . .

  15. NO!NO!NO! Send us an addie and we’ll send you some new ones :p

    As for other suggesions, i’ll have to get back to you on that. Quite an arse-scratcher this

  16. Yes, it is always a problem coming up with new material once you have a winning format. But I doubt that many of your loyal fans would truly recognise all the outfits. After all it is the imagination that is boundless not the memory.

  17. Freaky Friday, just with you in all sorts of animated and freaky poses? Or I’d love to see shots of around where you live honestly. New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places of earth! You look lovely by the way!!

  18. hee hee mine was an alternative training video for the staff at the place I worked in … I was the man eating menswear manager .. it was such a laugh … even the male managers wore lingerie… mmm I wonder if I still have those photos?? 🙂

  19. I sure hope that last corset, the one on the bottom right, was not your backside.

  20. You have said before you’ve got quite a collection of boots. Or you can do what most other bloggers do and post cat pictures.

    Corset Friday re-runs is a good idea too. Introduce your newer readers to the corsets of the past. Turn back the corset clock.

    Oh, and I really like the second corset, the zippered one. That one means business… and business is good.

  21. Dag nab it, how can you stop Corset Fridays when I’m almost in good enough shape that I could participate? Wanting to participate was one of the major motivators for me to get in shape at my advanced age. Of course, there is the question of whether anybody really wants to see my 56 year old body laced into a corset.

    I think you should start taking pictures of the old corsets in new poses. Lots of us have not seen the whole collection, being late comers. I like the stockings idea also — or frilly lingerie would work. I draw the line at what people consider “sexy shoes” since most of them are designed to totally screw up your hips, knees and lower back. I am not a subscriber to the “what price beauty” school of thought, you wear those damned high heels and you will pay the price later on in your life, and Jimmy Choo and Manolo won’t pay for your knee replacement either.

    Wait. I’d better get off my soap box. We’ll still be visiting whether you pose provocatively or not.

  22. I’m not against bikinis by any means. 🙂

  23. Thank God, you fixed the camera.
    That reminds me, I need to shave.

  24. Maybe you just need a photographer so you are free to move?

    • Yes! We’ll talk more about this tomorrow my little spinach

  25. How about Clunky Boots Thursday?

  26. Since I don’t do Tank Tops Tuesdays anymore, you could take that over… Tank tops are cheap to find at second hand stores. Hope all is well with you Nursemyra…

  27. I find myself saying the same thing every Friday, “Wow!”

  28. Same looking or not there is something wonderful about all of this. Mouth is watering a bit over the last one. Can’t tell ya why 😉

  29. You can take pictures of me in your corsets. Of course, you’ll have to bathe and dress me first. And then undress me if you want them back.

    • I’d probably be giggling too much 😉

      Or do you have ways of making me not?

      • Sure you don’t mean gagging? I got ways of… never mind.

  30. X-ray tuesday maybe?

  31. show us yer bum, lassie, arrrgh!!! (sorry, still stuck on Talk Like a Pirate Day)

    howzabout old books and new knickers?

    …that exotic castanet collection?

    …tales of ribaldry in braille?

    …monster truck rally?

    • Old books and new knickers could be an ongoing theme…

  32. Well I’d like to see Birthday Suit Friday, but then I remember that this is a family oriented blog.


    The King

    ps there’s trouble with you rack – check your email!!!!

    • Who the hell is playing with my rack? Do I need to come over to the castle to defend it????

  33. Oops that ‘your rack’


  34. Oops that’s. Oh forget it!

    Bloody keys


    • Judging by yer girly avatar, I’m guessing your long, painted fingernails got in the way of the keys again.

  35. Still don’t get it..

    • Maybe if you type “corset friday” into my search engine, that might help…..

  36. Something involving a tongue wouldn’t be amiss…

  37. How about Flannel Underwear.


  38. I agree with the suggestion for panties. I would miss the corsets though . . .

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