hat raising sights

Albert Pratt invented a gun helmet for soldiers fighting in the First World War.

It featured a large bore barrel protruding from the front with a metal sighting device descending from it. The gun was fired by an ingenious air pipe that doubled as a chin strap. Unfortunately the noise of each shot combined with the recoil gave soldiers terrible headaches and made them very dizzy.


Another early 20th century military hat was this one with chain mail to protect the eyes from shell fragments

chainmail protection

Earlier still was James Boyle’s 1896 self tipping hat which allowed Victorian gentlemen to salute others without having to use their hands

self tipping

More recently in 1989 a patent was granted for a Smoker’s Hat.

“In a nut shell, the battery powered Smokers Hat sucks up the cigarette’s smoke and filters it, deodorizes it, ionizes it and spritzes a fresh scent near the exhaust fan before it spits it back out.”


But I’m thinking the most popular image today will be Nude Under Black Hat by John Swannel

john swannel

image found here

She needs all that veiling to keep the mosquitos at bay………….

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  1. Hahahahahaha gun hat… holy shit I’m so making one of those, and when it backfires from my shoddy engineering, remember me fondly.

    BOOBIE! I mean yes thats a lovely hat…

  2. want. the gun hat, that is… although the skinny model in the black hat shot wouldn’t take up much space, and probably eats nothing but melba toast and water…

  3. Yes, mosquitoes and their stings.

  4. Don’t you hate it when the mosquito net rides up your bum crack?

  5. That’s not a nude under a black hat – it’s a cafetiere with a funny shaped plunger.

  6. lol, the nude under hat is definitely the winner.
    though, not for that reason, i never (hardly ever) wear hats. i’m a classical nude under my clothes girl.

    yes, i love true blood. just all me sookie if you ever forget my name. although, i barely possess the ability to read my own mind, much less the minds of others.

  7. That guy with the chain mail hat looks a bit like a creepy lamp shade.

  8. That gun hat is as funny as it is impractical!

  9. I can salute th nude undr th black hat wifout usin my hands.

    • I bet you can Joey!

  10. She is lovely- perhaps you could branch out into hats as the corsets dry up?

    • That’s a good idea Sal. I don’t have very many but I could incorporate the few I do

  11. Any word on whether the chain mail hat actually worked? ‘Cause I’m no expert, but I’ve got some doubts.

  12. At one point in my life I had a beer hat with which you could continuously suck beer through a series of straws. But that eventually got exchanged for the flask. Much more discreet, I think. Yes, you were right, my favorite by far is the ‘Nude Under Black Hat.” I could really use that mosquito netting!

  13. I think th nude undr th black hat woud look bettr wearin only a Shoo!TAG™.

  14. Man, I wish I had one of those back when I was in Nicaragua….

  15. I wonder if the last hat comes in a slightly larger size??

    • Fat Nude Hat wouldn’t look as good.

      • did I say fat?? I said slightly larger 😛

  16. very sexy!

  17. That mosquito netting won’t keep me from biting her.

  18. Don’t forget your Jimmy Hat… the hats with the condom pouch on it. I think they provided more protection than the chain mail veil hats ever did.

  19. Yes, the last hat is much more to my liking. It’s amazing how much stupid weaponry was made by the military.

  20. Hmmmm…..

  21. The Chain Mail hat is quite fetching…

    But it doesn’t look like it would provide much in the way of protection (unless the sight of it was so funny it made your enemies fall over laughing before they could shoot you.)

  22. Holy crap, that first hat must of contributed to a lot of brain injury

  23. Oh dear Malach, is that what happened?

  24. I’d like to hear more from frigginloon [12:08PM]about mosquito nets up her bum crack. Never realized such a problem existed. Since mosquitos are attracted to CO2 exhalations, I wonder why, um, ah, hmmm.

    The more I think about it the more questions I have.

  25. wait wait wait. if a man wears a gun helmet, what happens if it goes off when he stops to pee?

  26. Great visuals Nursey …… I’m a tad concerned where the model’s hand is though ….. has she lost something do you think?

  27. DaddyP: I think frigginloon explained that.

  28. […] Pratt claimed that his invention allowed the gunman to keep his hands and feet free for self-defense (or running if they missed their target). He also claimed that the gun’s recoil would be countered by the automatic spring back of the breech-bolt. Despite this claim, the biggest complaint from those who tested his gun was that the recoil and the noise gave them a headache and made them dizzy. […]

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