Love, Hermann

Hermann Schmidt took the time to scribble his will on a wall beside his bed just before he died.

Herman Munster tattoo found here

“Yesterday, the 18 inch square section of pink painted wall was cut out and filed for probate in Philadelphia. Schmidt, a 49 year old German immigrant, left his $12,000 estate to his belly dancer fiancee, Genevieve Decker.

NOT this Genevieve found here

His last scribbled words were: “Genevieve, you take care of all my belongings. This gives you the authority. Love, Hermann.”

An earlier message gave the name and address of his doctor but it was too late for it to be of any use. Schmidt, a glass polisher, was already dead when police broke into his modest, two storey home.

NOT this modest two story home found here

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  1. Oh. I was waiting for a murder following a sex threesome gone wrong, solved with the use of actors playing ghosts, posing as having come into town to get into the timber trade, many years after which the protagonist finally leaves prison to work in obscurity in a hotel in Bournemouth.

    • Yeah. You know, something normal like that.

      • Haha… I deliberately did a short post today. I thought the Pinkerton ones were so long that people might get tired of reading them.

  2. Short, yes. And also rather sweet.

    • i thought so too

  3. I was expecting something longer, too, like the added discovery of Hermann’s next-to-last wall scratching: Help! I’ve fallen and I ca…

    • I think he got tired of writing. Or tired of waiting. Or something.

  4. I wonder what caused his death? Too much belly dancing perhaps? A poison introduced into the glass? The lead paint beside his bed, so many unanswered questions NM!

    The King

    • I blame the belly dancing

      • I blame the belly dancer.

  5. I feel strangely comforted by this tale. Yet cheated as well. Who was Genevieve?

    • Guinevere, Gwenhwyfar or Jennifer are the same name as Genevieve.
      Guinevere is an Anglicized spelling of the Welsh, Gwenhwyfar.
      Genevieve is the French version which subsequently entered English as a name in its own right.
      And Jennifer is the modern English version.

      • I like all those consonants in the Welsh version

  6. where there’s a will there’s a way…

    oh, and note to self: don’t screw the guy with the Muenster tattoo in a room with a ceiling mirror…

    • You could turn out the lights…

      • Dinah!

      • Or perhaps another position … be creative.

  7. Why in the name of god would anyone have Herman Munster tattooed on their back????

    That will would not be probated in Missouri. Our state does not recognize the validity of holographic wills. Poor Genevieve would be SOL.

    I never think your posts are too long to read.

    • If I was into tattoos…I would get HM on my back. OK I wouldn’t but I thought it looked pretty cool.

    • Thanks HMH. I find it hard to edit some of the more involved stories down so I’m glad that it doesn’t put you off reading them. Of course, there’re always the pictures if people get bored with the text

  8. Ma’am, I see your 18-inch-square section of pink painted wall and raise you a vintage tractor fender.

    Possibly either a Massey-Ferguson or a Cockshutt, judging from the colour…

    • That’s fantastic! Definitely beats a square of pink wall

  9. I’ve written a few things on walls in my time. They were mostly scrubbed off by the janitor soon afterwards

    • oh do tell…..

  10. “Good bad girl”…what a delightful term.

    • Isn’t it? I’d like to be remembered that way

  11. with herman on his back, i don’t even want to think about his front.

    • Maybe it features Michele Lee?

  12. Wow –
    I really like the looks of ‘that’ modest two story home…

    • Modest in size, and not price I’m sure!

      • apparently it has a “jagged footprint” though i’m not sure what that means

  13. Glad to see I wasn’t the only one surprised at the length of this one.

    Either way, I’m sure that chunk of wall will make a great heirloom or conversation piece.

    • An excellent heirloom

  14. Short and sweet. I was half expecting to read that Geneveive had conspired with a bisexual Cuban lover to do Herman in

    • That sounds a lot like a Gimcrack tale doesn’t it?

  15. The writing’s on the wall, nes pas?

    • Very droll dolce 😉

  16. I suspect foul play.

    • I suspect natural causes. Brought on by a surfeit of belly dancing.

      • NOBODY dies of natural causes in your blog posts. That’s not what we come here for. 🙂

  17. As we approach being very old it is wise to liquidate as many assets as possible and have the account include the name of at least one child. No need for will or probate. Hopefully his children agree to the arrangement. As an only child this will work fine for me.

  18. A belly-dancer financier. What a wonderful way to distract from the dull, boring, tedious world of finance.
    Herman on the back? No think, I’ll take Lily. Yvonne DeCarlo was QUITE the “hot tomato”. 😀

  19. The good bad girl is quite lovely. And while I would never get one, the Herman Munster tat is very well done.

    Such a sweet story. I hope things were carried out as he intended.

  20. But how did he die!!!!!! agggghhhhh

  21. Quite fascinating to look at a page from an old newspaper like that

  22. That Genevieve is really pretty.

  23. Interesting that the will was legal even thought it was written on a wall. The same applies to cheques. Someone once wrote a cheque on the side of an elephant, and it was accepted by the bank. They might have had a problem filing it though….

  24. Sometimes short but sweet post say it all,as did Herman’s writing on the wall.
    Bless You

  25. when I go (or ‘pop me clogs’ as the lovely old expression has it) I hope a surfeit of bellydancing is involved

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