the excitement of white shoes

Komodo Dragons are the largest living species of lizard growing up to ten feet (3 metres) in length.

image found here

“The Komodo’s sense of smell is its primary food detector. Its long yellow forked tongue samples the air, after which the two tongue tips retreat to the roof of the mouth, where they make contact with the Jacobson’s organs. These chemical analyzers “smell” prey such as deer by recognising airborne molecules. If the concentration on the left tip is higher than that sampled from the right, then the Komodo knows that the deer is approaching from the left. 

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The muscles of the Komodo’s jaws and throat allow it to swallow huge chunks of meat with astonishing rapidity. A female who weighed no more than 50 kilograms was seen to consume a 31 kilogram boar in less than 17 minutes.  Komodos eat almost their entire kill including bones, hooves and swathes of hide. They also eat intestines but only after swinging them vigorously to scatter their contents and remove faeces. 

image from Big Tits Zombie 3D found here

Although males tend to grow larger than females, no obvious morphological differences mark the sexes. One subtle clue does exist: a slight difference in the arrangement of scales just in front of the cloaca, the cavity housing the genitalia in both sexes. Sexing Komodos remains a challenge to researchers; the dragons themselves appear to have little trouble figuring out who is who

Cross With Care image found here

A male initiates courtship by flicking his tongue on a female’s snout and then over her body. Before copulation can occur, the male must evert a pair of hemipenes located within his cloaca. He then crawls on the back of his partner and inserts one of the hemipenes, depending on his position relative to the female’s tail, into her cloaca. 

hemipenes found here

A variety of behaviors have been observed from captive specimens. Most become relatively tame within a short period of time, and are capable of recognizing individual humans and discriminating between more familiar keepers. Komodo dragons have also been observed to engage in play with a variety of objects, including shovels, cans, plastic rings, and shoes. 

animal shoes by Iris Schierferstein found here

Even seemingly docile dragons may become aggressive unpredictably, especially when the animal’s territory is invaded by someone unfamiliar. In June 2001, a Komodo dragon seriously injured a man when he entered its enclosure at the Los Angeles Zoo after being invited in by its keeper. He was bitten on his bare foot, as the keeper had told him to take off his white shoes, in case they caused excitement in the dragon…..

white boot players found here

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  1. might someone arrange a shidduch between pat boone & a dragon? i’ll pay to watch those white shoes vanish.

    • I had to google shidduch. Lovely word.

  2. I was going to up Norma’s ante, but couldn’t get past the pic of Martin Chivers. …came over all dizzy, I did.
    deep breath…better now… yeah, let’s see PB go toe to (white) toe with a dragon. Tutti frutti my foot!

    • what’s everyone got against Pat Boone? Is it more than just his taste in shoes?

      • Yes. he was such a goody-goody,pray-to-god dweeb. If he knew what the lyrics of Tutti Frutti meant I bet he would not have sung it!
        (For the younger set: late 50s rock song about gay love)

  3. I think it’s nice that Komodo dragons use sex toys.

    • Fascinating! My phone is only loading one image – noses in armpits! I love it! I’ll have to re-visit to see the other images, re-loading doesn’t fix it.

      • And I don’t know how my comment got to be in this spot. That bit might be me pressing the wrong buttons.

  4. I seem to recall hearing that certain Americans, during the sartorially-appalling 70s, called the complete white shoes/ white belt/ polyester pants rig, “The Full Cleveland”. It was a look.

    I am heartened to know that dragons and their keepers continue to react appropriately…

    • I’ve never heard of “The Full Cleveland,” but as a native Clevelander, I find this hysterical.

    • Oh God, I’d forgotten the Full Cleveland. Thank you for reminding me. I think. The pants and jacket (with double pleated patch breast pockets) had to be powder blue for the full effect.

      • You’re both welcome. I think.

        Didn’t I say the 70s were appalling…?

      • I wish you had NOT said that. Bad memory,Need drink.

  5. White shoes for men became out of vogue 30 years ago but Miami, Florida such are still and always will be chic. I have two pair .

  6. How do they know to clear out the intestines? Evolution. You can’t help but to be impressed.

    What? No dinner and whispering sweet nothings? Just climb on top and stick the ole’ hemipene in? What a cad.

    • Yeah, the evolutionary part is pretty impressive

  7. Schieferstein works with dead animals only.
    It’s somehow nice to learn that dragons have a foreplay too.

    • I think her work is pretty impressive but can understand why some people are appalled.

  8. Never trust a man who wears white shoes…

  9. Nobody – but nobody – could ever convince me it’s safe to enter the enclosure of a 10’ lizard.

    • I don’t want to get too close to 10 feet of anything

  10. Best to keep well away from a Komodo Dragon then. They might choose that precise moment to clear out a tasty bit of intestine and shower you with the contents.

  11. They are really fascinating creatures and probably where much of the old dragon lore originates. Now I must go back and see if there were white shoe stories.

    • It is a good theory but the Dragon Legends go way way back. Not even the Nile Crocodiles can be blamed for dragons. The origins are in the extreme past when women began agriculture and snakes were the divine image and connected with water. Males took over and the Garden of Eden story is the consequence. That snake eventually became a dragon. In China, Dragons are much nicer (no monotheism to demonise them) and still connected with water.

      Oops, my favourite subject. Sorry about that 🙂

      • don’t apologise Archie, I found your comments very interesting.

  12. If I’m ever eating an animal whole, I will remember to shake about the intestines – that seems an important step.

    • you need to do more than just shake them about. I suggest creating a hole in the gut then flinging them against a tree so the faeces have somewhere to escape to…. just in case you ever find yourself in that situation.

  13. I’m reminded of a couple of axemen I used to have around The Castle. They appear to have been immortalised in that rather odd Vic Roads sign. Does anyone else think they look like a couple of henchman either side of the poor red man, the fact they seem to be apparating out of the floor is also cause for concern…

    The King

    • It’s a very strange and disconcerting sign

  14. Even the komodo doesn’t want to eat shit…haha

    • Unlike many dogs I know……. 😦

  15. Let’s see…
    what’s that old Komodo Dragon cage rule again…
    no white shoes after labor day?!

    • That’s the one!!

  16. Kimodos have been known to eat humans. Interestingly, the last humans that regularly practice cannibalism live in the Kimodo’s range. It’s a well-known fact that cannibals prefer explorers that wear white shoes as the explorer meat is deemed to be more tender and full of riboflavin which is essential to the cannibal diet.

    Or so I have been told.

    • Evolution is a wondrous thing.

  17. I shudder to think how infected that bite the guy at LA zoo got was. They are also venomous. I wonder what the lie insurance premium is for a Komodo Dragon sexer!

    • Extremely venomous. What Nick says (below) is very accurate.

  18. I read a while ago that because their bite is venomous, Komodos just bite their prey and then leave, safe in the knowledge that they can return later and the victim will be dead.

  19. Stay out of a dragon’s cage!

  20. I don’t like the idea of having hemipenes. Imagine standing at a urinal for a piss, and spraying the bloke to your left AND right…..

  21. “the male must evert a pair of hemipenes located within his cloaca…”

    you know how much i love it when you talk dirty…

    • just for you darlin’… just for you

  22. Pity the poor aging komodos with evertile dysfunction. Because today is my 56th birthday and, well, that’s all I have to say.

    • Hey Happy Birthday David!!

  23. Komodos are awesome. Love the info!

  24. Excuse me while I run to lock the door to the house…

  25. Komodos are one of the most vicious animals on this planet. Lovely creatures.

  26. Yeah, whenever I wear white shoes all the dragons get excited.

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