invalid for life


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  1. According to that picture, gonorrhea will also keep you from joining the Audubon society.

  2. Gonorrhea is for drips. It’s certainly nothing to clap about.

  3. I fear I may have invalided a few girls in my time.

  4. Is she about to get thrush as well? ‘Fools thrush in’ I suppose

  5. RenalF: looks can be deceiving. but I think charlotte gainsborough would make a fine Crimson Paraplegic

    Letters: no applause heard here either

    LL: …. and I sincerely hope you’re making amends

    DaddyP: that deserves a double fuelling. pity we’re only allowed to vote once a day 🙂

  6. Not to mention the trickle-down effect it has upon society in general . . .

  7. Sorry to be playing catch up here… I’ve got a lot of reading to do!!

    So, what if she marries a guy with syphilis?

    Is it better to go mentally insane?

  8. sorry doctor mom, syphilis is out of my league…. maybe lord likely can shed a light on this sticky subject

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