floating action


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  1. Madonna, eat your heart out!

    Just a thought, were they capable of being undone with one hand? Enquiring males need to know these things!

  2. It’s rude to point you know!!

  3. Oh DP, she can point at me all day – – –

  4. which goes to show that Madonna truly is derivative and unoriginal, although her turn in “Desperately Seeking Susan” was delightfully anarchistic and “Into the Groove” was rather infectious . . . wait, this isn’t “The New Yorker” comments site . . . . F$&K!

    Look at the Apollo reentry modules on that chick!

    That’s more like it . . .

  5. Look out! She’s a fembot! They’re loaded with ammunition, not breastular goodness!

  6. Bullseye.

  7. Quite a hypnotic effect…

  8. aren’t any of you wondering what’s under the full skirt? are you so easily distracted by floating breasts?

  9. oh, i just assumed she was doing a Marliyn Monroe over the floor vent

  10. I assumed it was her hoverskirt… seeing how this is an ad about floating action.

  11. From my memories of teenaged escapades there were probably anywhere between 10 and 24 half slips under there. At least half would have been some scratchy material and as a foundation there was a passion-killer ” panty-girdle” in suitor-unfriendly lycra.

  12. This is why none of the heroines of fifties movies ever drowned.

  13. FFF: you’ve reminded me of the time I unwittingly did a marilyn over a street vent in new york. we don’t have such things over here – nursemyra was very surprised!

    RenalF: hoverskirt? oh you crack me up

    Archie: but wasn’t the challenge half the fun?

    Raincoaster: except for shelly winters in a place in the sun…..

  14. and Shelley Winters in Night of the Hunter and in The Poseidon Adventure . . . .

  15. It’s hard to extract one’s stare from the breasts with all that hypnotic action…

  16. I see now from where Madonna stole her style

    I’m completely disillusioned, I thought Madonna was original!

    Now… about the Fembots… they had machine-gun jumblies, these are obviously different!

  17. FFE: oh poor shelley. I didn’t realise she had such a rough trot

    Anaglyph: you’re not going cross-eyed are you?

    Doctor Mom: Jumblies? that’s cute, I thought it was a nursery rhyme word but it’s a good breastages synonym too. I’ll be using that in future

  18. BTW– I want mammaries that float

    It can get a little warm in the skin folds, and I just can’t have that

  19. Can’t take credit for jumblies– that’s Austin Powers tag line

  20. but you can take credit for telling me 🙂

  21. Mammaries that float – sounds like a great band name.

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