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invisible dick

Regular readers will be familiar with the Gimcrack’s foray into Gould and Pyle territory. Today’s extract is a little on the gruesome side….

clint eastwood

Amputation of the penis is not always followed by loss of the sexual power, but sometimes has the mental effect of temporarily increasing the desire. Haslam reports the case of a man who slipped on the greasy deck of a whaler, and falling forward upon a large knife, completely severed his penis. After recovery there was a distinct increase of sexual desire and frequent nocturnal emissions. In the same report there is recorded the history of a man who had entirely lost his penis, but had supplied himself with an ivory succedaneum. This fellow finally became so libidinous that it was necessary to exclude him from the workhouse, of which he was an inmate.

drive in

Art by Gene Bilbrew

Norris gives an account of a private who received a gunshot wound of the penis while it was partly erect. The wound was acquired at the second battle of Fredericksburg. The ball entered near the center of the glans, and taking a slightly oblique direction, it passed out of the right side then entered the scrotum, and after striking the pelvis near the symphysis, glanced off around the innominate bone, and finally made its exit two inches above the anus. The after-effects of this injury were incontinence of urine, and inability to assume the erect position.


Raven mentions a case of spontaneous retraction of the penis in a man of twenty-seven. While in bed he felt a sensation of coldness in the penis, and on examination he found the organ rapidly retracting or shrinking. He hastily summoned a physician, who found that the penis had, in fact, almost disappeared, the glans being just perceptible under the pubic arch, and the skin alone visible. The next day the normal condition was restored, but the patient was weak and nervous for several days after his fright.

frightened chinese

nursemyra's cure for disappearing penis syndrome is here
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  1. um… who the hell goes into battle with a half erect penis?

    • I think it’s a halo effect of any intense excitement. I always get insanely horny when I’m writing fiction, which is tame by comparison.

      • The smell of basil has the same effect on me 😉

        (not Basil Fawlty)

  2. Well… that’s cured me of looking at those rather delightful corset pictures anymore this morning.

  3. For John, said Lorena Bobbitt
    The solution is cleanly to bob it
    To stop all the strife
    She pulled out a knife
    Now his dick is that of a Hobbit.

    • Ha ha … Ian, I never thought I’d say this but I’ve missed your limericks

      • It’s been a while, eh?

  4. Crikey Myra after yesterday’s post now you’re giving the boys nightmares – you are the very divil

    • Yes, I’m feeling rather devilish at the moment 😉

  5. The only thing I can’t figure out is how the private had a ‘partly erect’ penis during the middle of the battle of Fredericksburg. I know that my shit would be hiding like a frightened turtle.

    What were you saying at the bottom? It got squashed.

  6. I’ll bet this erect infantryman is the same one who inspired the old song, “When Johnny Comes, Marching Home.”

    Herr Ahhh

  7. Has a guy ever pulled the “man-gina” trick on you? He tucks is penis backwards between his legs and closes them. Voilà! Man-gina! I did it ONCE for Mrs. Wife. She almost wretched and demanded I never do it again. It *does* look kind of creepy.

    • I’ve seen Silence of the Lambs. Does that count?

  8. despite a bad case of “helmet hair”, i’d have been quite happy to have helped young clint eastwood work through his fears of penile re-absorption….

  9. How unlucky was that guy on the whaler… & proof that men get turned on by war … no wonder computer war games are so popular!!!

  10. Thanks for the link. Now I know what to do if the calamity strikes.

  11. Is this perhaps the inspiration for the King Missile song “Detachable Penis?”

    • I know the song well but King Missile have yet to reply to my emails…..

  12. “nursemyra’s cure for disappearing penis syndrome is here”

    Personally, I think nursewyra’s cure for disappearing penis syndrome takes place every Friday.

    • Hey PushBiker, how you been? Long time no see

  13. Men never feel their penises are big enough.

    Silly Saturday #4 – Purdie Pyrate’s Halloween

  14. A man lost who lost his penis had “slipped on the greasy deck of a whaler”?

    Sounds like a bawdy euphemism to me.

  15. Snakes are Dangerous!

  16. Only Our Nurse would have a book called Invisible Dick!

  17. Clint’s got the pose down, but he’s missing the mustache.

  18. I was going to read this, I really was, but I just…I just love Clint Eastwood.

    • Have you seen Gran Torino Rassles?

  19. OW!

    I have heard of men getting erections after they have just died which is rather disturbing also.

    As for things getting severed, I have read that people still do feel their limbs after the loss of them. Perhaps that is what happened here but with a odd twist being horny.

  20. I always wondered what would happen if someone shot my in my penis…


    • You have a strange imagination Tubbo. Or is this Dubba?

  21. It’s Tubbo. Hence the little “Tubbo” I wrote under the comment.

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