t shirt friday 24.9.2010

I’ve run out of t shirts so this one has been borrowed from my son

sledpress is also wearing a t shirt today

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  1. You definitely look better without nuts, Nursie.

  2. Sheesh! I feel old…

  3. In the Mel Brooks movie ‘History of the World’, Swiftus (the comedian’s Roman Empire era talent agent) says “Boy, you are nuts. N. V. T. S. Nuts.”

  4. did you borrow the knickers and stockings?

  5. *crosses legs and thinks about installing a safety net*

  6. Funny and sexy at the same time. . . nice knickers!

  7. wow, what a coincidence NM! i saunter back into the blogosphere and it just so happens it’s tshirt friday, more like “tshirt and stocking friday”! thanks, i’m pretty sure did that for me. πŸ™‚

    • Are you going to start blogging again soon Lynn? I hope so!

  8. Nuts are serious business.

  9. Not from your own wardrobe and, yet, you still manage to color coordinate. You’re amazing in oh so many ways.

  10. Squirrely!

  11. The Nursemyra Casual Wardrobe: T-shirt, panties, stockings… for when the corsets need some time to cool down.

  12. Now the cold nights are back the lasses are wearing their dresses that short on Friday night in Manchester.

  13. I think I just lost a nut. No, I just busted one…. Jus kiddin. You look as fab in an old t-shirt as you do in expensive corsets!

    • Actually none of my corsets are expensive, most are from Vinnies

      • Wow! Your Vinnies is summat else!

  14. See! You do wear knickers. And I need to find a T-shirt, clearly.

  15. Did it have to be a shirt?

  16. Always delightful. On Fridays I live vicariously through you. Have a fabulous weekend!

  17. Nuts are a terrible thing to waste.

  18. Be like the monkey and make sure that nuts are safely hidden!

  19. Or, as my favorite t shirt says:

    “It’s all very funny umtil someone gets hurt…
    then it’s hilarious.”

  20. It’s a nice boy who allows his dear old mum to borrow his shirt for such purposes. And well-adjusted.

    Hugh Permission

    • well, he wasn’t home to actually ask…

  21. Borrowed from your son…sure you did. πŸ˜€

    Well, the accouterments are far better than he would muster, IMAO.

  22. Damn I did not realize it was the last Friday of the Month, I will have to post it tomorrow

  23. I love the t shirt! I just bought my son a t shirt that says, “When in doubt, mumble”. He doesn’t wear it much. Go figure.

  24. I seem to work with the lost nuts. If anyone would like to reclaim one, do let me know.

  25. Like my grandfather used to say, “It’s all very funny until someone loses an eye. Then it’s fucking hilarious.”

  26. Friday, ok, noted. lol

  27. Heh– 2nd time today I’ve seen that shirt… the exact same image is posted on someone else’s blog.

  28. Is it wrong that I have the same shorts? I wear them grocery shopping. It feels amazing.

  29. Wet T-short!! Wet T-shirt!!!

  30. I’m blogging again… but don’t hold your breath, it may not last long. Check it out, I may need some medical assistance

  31. Cute!

  32. Love the t-shirt!

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