corset friday nyc

Hey, it’s Friday and we managed to get a corset shot done in time! Head on over to daisyfae’s to see her version. We’re having a ball in NYC, chasing the sweltering heat away with frozen margaritas and two hour siestas every day. Thanks to everyone who’s been leaving Chicago suggestions in the comments. I’m not sure we’ll fit everything into the four days we have there but we’ll try…..

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surprise sunday

Well I did say I was done with Corset Friday but Scott mentioned that he missed the tingle it used to give himĀ and then I found that the lovely L C Aggie Sith had posted a stunning tribute so I had a root around in my corset drawer for old times sake…..

the arse shot is for queenwilly’s husband to make up for us (almost) always beating him at the crossword

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t shirt friday 26.11.2010

Hope you all enjoyed a happy Thanksgiving… from the nurse xx

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corset friday comes a cropper

I’ve been posting photos of myself in a corset on Fridays for over 3 years now. It was fun for a while but over time it’s become almost a chore since I’ve now documented all the corsets I own plus quite a few babydolls and other lingerie. To me the photos are beginning to look the same especially since I never did master the timer on my camera so this will be the last Friday in the weekly series. For the finale I’ve made a collage of some of my favourites.


Enjoy the weekend and I’ll see you on Monday…… xx

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t shirt friday 29.10.2010

Warm the One You Love

After you watch the video, swing on by HMH; she’s sporting a t shirt today too

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corset friday 22/10/2010

I’m going to be late for mah jongg if I stop to take any new photos so here’s some from a couple of years ago. I think I’ve posted two of these images before but at least one of them was an outtake so it’s not a total cheat.

I have no idea what The King is barbecuing but queenwilly has made Salted Caramel Ice Cream and I’ve made Buttermilk Pudding with Mango Sauce and Strawberries marinated in Brown Sugar and Balsamic Vinegar.

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corset friday 8.10.2010

The brooch in the photo on the left of the middle row was given to me by my favourite uncle after he visited Fiji in 1970. It’s hard to see, but the blue background is made of butterfly wings . You can see a better example here

Today’s corset friday post is dedicated to alonewithcats, one of the funniest female bloggers around. Happy Birthday for yesterday AWC xx

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corset friday 1.10.2010

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t shirt friday 24.9.2010

I’ve run out of t shirts so this one has been borrowed from my son

sledpress is also wearing a t shirt today

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corset friday 17.9.2010

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