t shirt friday 26.11.2010

Hope you all enjoyed a happy Thanksgiving… from the nurse xx

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  1. you might feel a slight tingle…

  2. Cute! And my favourite colour combo again…

  3. T-shirt? I didn’t see any t-shirt.

    • You need to look up 🙂

  4. I love Sooty xx

    • I got this t shirt from Syncopated Eyeball. she’s a Sooty fan too.

  5. happy weekend!

  6. I’m with Mick. I thought there was supposed to be a T-shirt – – –

    • Well as you get older Archie, all sorts of things happen to your eyesight…..

  7. nothing helps that post-thanksgiving come down like t-shirt friday, at least for those of us who celebrated turkey day.

    • Better than going out shopping on Black Friday

  8. I thought I saw “Snooty” there at first. Snooty is the oldest living manatee we know of, and he’s hanging out at the South Florida Museum here in Bradenton. Snooty would love to know he’s part of T-shirt Friday all the way from Australia. …Maybe some day…

    • You should get one of his t shirts and join in the December t shirt friday!!

  9. There I was convinced you were a sensible, middle class, professional art fancier cinema-goer, and again I’m reminded you a fabulously saucy wench steeped in the subcultural gutters of the inner-west. For which we are all most thankful!

    • you forgot to mention mah jongg playing bookworm and pop culture historian 😉

  10. That was cheating

    • How so Malach?

  11. How do we get in on the cuddles with the Stuffed Animals on your T-Shirt??

    Thanks for always commenting on my posts it’s good to hear from someone half way across the world.


    • That’s the best thing about blogging isn’t it? “Meeting” like minded people across the globe.


    • And a Happy Thanksgiving to you too VaG!

      • HOT is an understatement! I had to look twice … urm… *cough* just to make sure that I had indeed spotted some cuddly soft toys …

  13. My Thanksgiving just got so much better.

    P.S. I’ve always been fascinated by thighs that don’t touch. I come from a long line of pear-shaped people.

  14. It must be genetic – my sisters have the same thighs. Well not exactly the same but similar. You know what I mean…

  15. i see london, i see france,
    i see nurse myra’s underpants!

    is sooty the teddy bear or the lamb?

    • the little teddy bear has soot on his ears and nose to make him more visible on television. that’s where he got his name from. cute huh?

  16. I too noticed the legs first… 🙂

  17. Glove puppets!
    I’ve thought of something very naughty to write… but I’d better not as we don’t know each other well enough yet.

    • Oh but we do Scarlet!

  18. Very pretty my dear – but I don’t think it is proper for a young woman to to show her lady garden. Especially when the cuffs don’t match the collar.

    • Well I suppose I could always put red streaks in my lady garden as well. But it does seem like an awful lot of trouble

      • LADY GARDEN???



        falls down laughing

        *rolls on top of dog then rolls into kitchen still laughing*


  19. It’s good to see there will be still T-shirt Fridays here at the Gimcrack. Let us give thanks for that.

  20. we need such hot pictures now here in Switzerland, because it’s very cold and snowy … thanks 🙂

  21. Well I thought I was full until I saw some other delicious things to snack on here.

  22. I enjoy T-shirt Friday just as much as corset Friday, nice!

  23. Is there a tinge of red in your hair???

    I thought I noticed that – lovely pics!

  24. Lady Garden??


    That’s a new one.

  25. I come back to work and this is what I see?? How am I supposed to get any work done now, Myra?

  26. Denny likes this Sooty…tell me more….

    Was there something else I was supposed to notice?

  27. Lovely, just lovely !!

  28. New age marketing, I see, rofl!

  29. Hello, nursemyra.
    Something is better than nothing!

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