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the last time nursemyra ran a competition was in May so another one is overdue. daisyfae left a comment on unbearablebanishment’s blog about having a “family theme song” which has given me an idea.

I’m asking readers to suggest a suitable theme song for my little family. there’s only three of us: the naughty nurse, the homosexual dj and the procrastinating prodigal. you can see a photo of the three of us here and refresh your memory by reading my “about”

I’ve got cds of good aussie music as prizes for 1st. 2nd and 3rd.

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  1. Mummy said ‘Let’s go out today!
    And have some quality time’
    But what to wear?
    DJ said ‘Share’
    And t’other said ‘I’ll think about it for a tad but there really is quite a lot to take into consideration not least of which is a rhyme’.

  2. haha very funny daddyp. but you do realise you were supposed to choose a song not write a limericky thingy don’t you…?

  3. I dont know about the lads, but I reckon ‘Music for a Nurse’ by Oceansize. Haunting yet beautiful. Or maybe something off that Gotye album…

  4. I don’t know Oceansize but I like Gotye’s music. have you got a link for “Music for a Nurse”?

  5. Cripes… I’ll have a look

    there we go

    Hope you like it.

  6. That is a song wot I made up …… it goes to the tune of the National Anthem – “God save our Gracious Queens if you can be bothered – nice pair of suspenders BTW”………

  7. ohhh wait no, I gotta a better one I love this song.

    ‘The rest will flow’ by porcupine tree

  8. I like the Oceansize song. wonder why I haven’t heard of them before

  9. How about Ma Baker, by Boney M…(don’t ask me how I know about this song….I had deeply strange parents)

    We’d have to change it a bit, coz you’re not actually mean

    So, updated (abridged) version by D:

    She was the sexiest cat
    In old Sydney town
    She was the sexiest cat
    She really wowed them down
    She had no fear at all
    No no no fear at all

    She was the sexiest cat
    Oh she was really tough
    She turned the men down flat
    They weren’t tough enough
    She took her boys along
    cos they were hot and strong

    Ma ma ma ma – ma baker – she taught her four sons
    Ma ma ma ma – ma baker – to handle their guns
    Ma ma ma ma – ma baker – she never could lie
    Ma ma ma ma – ma baker – but she knew how to write

    – here is a special bulletin.
    Ma baker is the fbis most wanted woman.
    Her photo is hanging on every desktop screensaver.
    If you have any information about this woman,
    Please contact the nearest police station…

    – dont anybody move! the money or your lives!


    Maybe not.

    I blame the medication.

  10. I’d give you half a crown
    To get your Friday’s down
    I’d give you one and three
    If you’d drop a link to me
    I’d give you one and six
    Just to look at your bits
    I’d give you one and ten
    Just to do it all again.

  11. (Sung to the tune of a Piaf song whose name escapes me.)

  12. Must of been late afternoon.
    On our way, the sun broke free of the clouds.
    We count only blue cars,
    Skip the cracks in the street
    And ask many questions
    Like children often do. We said,
    Tell me all your thoughts on God
    Because I’d really like to meet her.
    And ask her why we’re who we are.
    So tell me, am I very far?
    Am I very far now
    Am I very far now
    Am I very far now

    Dishwalla, Counting Blue Cars

  13. This is one of the few times I am absolutely stumped on something. I’m good with picking individual theme songs, but for a family… you got me on this one.

    what have you been drinking?????

  14. Scoff if you want but I’ll bet this is still in your head hours after you’ve read it:

    Come and knock on our door
    We’ve been waiting for you
    Where the kisses are hers and hers and his,
    Three’s company too.

    Gratuitous plug and correction: Actually, daisyfae left her comment on my blog. That probably doesn’t matter to anyone but me, but there it is.

    of course it matters. sorry about the mistake, fixed it now

  15. What?

    Nobody is suggesting “The Brady Bunch”?

  16. ‘we are family’

  17. I’m the last one to encourage a Disco revival..but after looking at your beautiful photo..and rejecting a few other theme candidates…this one might be pretty right.

    we are family
    i got all my (sisters) with me..
    we are family
    get up everybody and sing

    everyone can see we’re together
    as we walk on by
    and we fly just like birds of a feather
    i won’t tell no lie

    all the people around us they say
    can they be that close?

    just let me state for the record..
    we’re giving a family dose

    living life is fun and we’ve just begun
    to get our share of the worlds delights
    high hopes we have for the future
    and our goals in sight

    no we don’t get depressed
    here’s what we call our golden rule

    have faith in the things you do
    you won’t go wrong
    this is our family jewel!

    We Are Family..

  18. ha! that’s pretty funny – two people suggesting the same song almost simultaneously

  19. Tough one, how about “Bare necessities?”

  20. ‘I like the Oceansize song. wonder why I haven’t heard of them before’

    Because Australian radio esspecially triple j sucks the fat one. Another reason could be the songs are all about 8 minutes long which apparently isnt radio friendly.

  21. I got nothing, but now for some reason, “Bananas in Pyjamas” keeps going through my head.

  22. venus in furs

  23. how very spooky ….. I had to suggest that as being 70s steen … where does Dr Robert hang out in the world??

  24. okay guys we have a winner. both sons were here for dinner tonight so we put it to a vote and Dolce takes first prize. from now on all family gatherings will feature Ma Baker by Boney M.

    runner up was 70’s suggestion of We are Family followed closely by Dr Robert who coincidentally chose the same song.

    email me your addresses and I’ll send out the prizes this week

    thanks to everyone who participated xx

  25. I’m sooooooo excited! Really? haha! Ta Nursie – you’ve perked my day up no end!

  26. ooooo thank you dear NM .. I will send my snaily mail addy to you 🙂

  27. you’re welcome 70s. still waiting on dr robert and dolce to send me theirs…..

  28. just saw the thrilling result..!
    so glad the Family liked the song question, that 70steen is a musical genius!
    amazing bit of “serendipitous synchronicity” at work there..
    it’s a strange and wondrous world, and sometimes,a whole lot of fun.
    Thanks NurseM!

  29. late to the party, but would have suggested “Just a Friend”, Biz Markie (“You Got What I Need”) (

    Song doesn’t really fit a family, but it’s just the best singalong ever. Poppin’ some forties on the front stoop… Oh Bay-bee, you… you got what i nee-eeeed

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  31. You’re welcome Dolce xx

  32. […] think it’s time for another gimcrack competition. First prize is an Australia-shaped stress ball (except it’s not a ball obviously) and a […]

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