Kellie realises Arnold is a breast man

Kellie Everts has had a busy life. She started out as a bodybuilder, graduated to stripper, then took to preaching and running her own church. And back in 1972, she had a fling with Arnie

“It was Kellie Everts first body building contest, and she was excited. She was also interested in meeting Arnold Schwarzenneger and Franco Columbu, the biggest stars of this special world. Both of the men, it panned out later, became besotted with Kellie.

(Franco Columbu, Kellie Everts & Arnold Schwarzeneggar when the three met in 1972. This was the beginning of a lot of heat and then a lot of wrath on Arnold’s part. After seeing this picture and a picture of Arnold with Racquel Welch in the same scenario, Kellie realized Arnold is a breast man)

For the moment, her mind was on Franco, but that would soon change. Arnold approached, and both standing there they had a chat. He GLARED at a photographer NOT to take a picture of them. Words passed that we shall not enter here and the next thing you know, Arnold was leading Kellie backstage to a darker and darker area.

image found here

Kellie felt like she was taken over by a magnetic force; like something that came from the sky with magnetic rays and sucked you up into a UFO. SHE COULDN’T RESIST ARNOLD EVEN IF SHE WANTED TO, AND THE NEXT THING YOU KNOW, THEY WERE MAKING LOVE.

But they got caught with their pants down, so to speak.

“Kellie, I thought you were MY girlfriend!” said an anguished Franco

Arnold turned beet red as Kellie, completely befuddled, blurted out,

“OK….I can be the girlfriend of BOTH of you!”

Arnold, in a loud voice, protested, “NO,” and Kellie from that moment, began to feel THE WRATH OF ARNOLD.

If you’d like to know more about Kellie’s bodybuilding triumphs (there were many) her popular stripping performances, or her life as the Guru Rasa of the church of MotherGod, read on here. You might also enjoy these testimonials

I met Kellie Everts in 1974 when she had her preaching television show. I went to her house several times for prayer meetings, was highly inspired and saw visions while she was praying. I have always been gay, and have never had any sexual interest in the opposite sex. One night, as I was sleeping alone in my room, Kellie Everts appeared and made love to me. It was the most glorious experience I had ever had. I said, “If this is what it feels like to make love to a woman, I will make love with women from now on.” And from then on, I became attracted to the opposite sex.

Jack, New York City 1979

I put a photograph you sent me on my bedroom dresser. It is the one with Christ in the picture. I’ve been praying to that Christ daily. Well, last night, in the middle of the night I woke up and it was dark in the room and I was attracted to the photo on the dresser and to my astonishment your breasts were aglow with a bright light. I kid you not. It was amazing.

Tom Bird, New York City 1978

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  1. Oooh! Glow-in-the-dark breasts!

    • they sound like fun huh?

  2. So lovely that someone saw the light ……. *gag*

    • Yeah…. lucky Tom

  3. I’ve always loved athletic girls, but female bodybuilders are just too much woman for me. Maybe I’m just ascared?

    When Arnold said “No,” all I could picture was that Kindergarten Cop voice… “It’s NOT a tumor.”

  4. Wow what an interesting lie she lived, right?

    Arnold is not a guy to get angry. Not then, not now as he’s a governor.

  5. Glowing bosums? Handy for reading books.

  6. From stripper to preacher? Downhill all the way!

  7. of course Arnold is a breast man… his are ENORMOUS!

    • He needs a Mansierre 😉


    This is exactly how I felt when I couldn’t stop myself from voting for him.

    Tim Id

  9. If that had been *my* religious experience when I was younger, I’d probably be a lot closer to the church than I am right now. The catlicks, apparently terrified of sex, tried to send me off in the opposite direction.

    I’ve never been a breast man. I’ve always been taken down by a pretty face.

  10. Sex + religion = pleasure & salvation – at the same time!
    Perfect combo. 😉

  11. Her name rings a bell from my old muscle magazines, but I’m still looking for a picture of her where I can see a tricep anywhere. Or a deltoid striation.

  12. She did so well at tennis too – all those titles at Wimbledon.

    • Awesome, had a gag about Chris Evert rattling around as well.

  13. IF Kellie’s powers were so great that she could change Jack from his gay lifestyle then she must have been the mouthpiece of The Lord… or some kind of piece!!!

  14. Ah, The Governator – once brilliantly described by Clive James as looking “like a condom full of walnuts.”

  15. Sometimes my breasts glow. You all may think it’s funny but it makes public life difficult and embarrassing. Especially in fancy restaurants and dark theaters.

    • I don’t think it’s funny- I feel for you. And under certain circumstances I should be able to find you. But only appropriately.

      McKnight Visionary

  16. If you want your breasts to look like Arnie’s, but don’t have that much time to put in at the gym, you can opt for Pectoral Augmentation (Pec Implants). Frankly, this is expensive, and painful, so you probably wouldn’t want to do it unless you really really need to. I’m having a hard time imagining why you would really really need to do this unless you were a body builder, or suffering from some kind of mental disorder like body dismorphism.

  17. I still have trouble with Arnie being in a position of power (how the hell did that happen ??) and your post confirms my troubles

  18. Any religion that has her appearing in one’s room for some “biblical ” knowledge has a big advantage ocer the more staid competition!

  19. Although Arnold has been surprisingly okay as a California governor, oh my, I can’t IMAGINE being attracted to him. He will always be the Terminator in my mind. Overly developed muscles make humans look like a different species entirely.

    • Well to each their own.
      I look exactly like Arnie, and my wife is okay with it.

  20. she doesn’t look anything like the female body builders you see today, i guess the sport has changed huh? where do you FIND all these bizarre pieces of interesting info? you must be the most awesomest researcher on the planet, and why don’t MY bosoms glow?

    • I love researching Elaine, the more bizarre the better!

  21. “I’ll be back”

  22. Like Arnold says in the Terminator movies: “Your clothes, give them to me.”

  23. some people have the ability to inspire. she definitely seemed to have that ability.
    i bet arnie’s breasts glowed too.

  24. Why Arnie resisted a menage a trois is baffling – yet another mystifying quirk in the tale of the glowing guru.

    • A menage a trois doesn’t appeal to me at all these days. Not even with Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro

  25. I was sure that Arnold was a breast donkey

  26. Glowing breasts and the great jutting jaw of a meathead. Oh how well you entertain us with your ever growing web of mystery and fact.

    Do you ever do after dinner speeches for a modest group of, shall we say… 50 or more?

  27. But what woman would want to make love to a male bodybuilder? The one part of his body he can’t build up is his cock (no muscle), making it look inceasingly small and puny in comparison to the rest of him!

  28. I seem to remember a documentary about her called, “Screwed Straight.” It would be a hit in Utah.

  29. It might have went downhill for Jack in terms of his newfound heterosexuality after Ms. Everts, normally you work your way up to a gal like that.

    I mean really, where do you go from there?

  30. Thank you.

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